Family Problem

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Miyawaki and Kang's family problems, Miyawaki owns a well-known company as well as Kang, They are enemies, the past they can't forget, secrets begin to be revealed slowly


Park Family owns the most famous company between the two of them Trying to unite them, The most harmonious known family


can they unite?


Ship :

Loona :

Gowon x Hyejoo

Hyunjin x Heejin 

Jinsoul x Kim Lip

Yeojin x Choerry

Vivi x Haseul

Chuu x Yves

Izone : 

Hitomi x Nako

Yuri x Yena

Minju x Chaewon 

Wonyoung x Yujin

Sakura x Chaeyeon 

Hyewon x Eunbi

Blackpink : 

Rosè x Lisa

Jennie x Jisoo

BTS : 

Yoongi x Namjoon 

Seokjin x Taehyung

Jimin x Jungkook

Enhypen :

Sunghoon x Sunoo

Jay x Jungwon

Twice :

Mina x Momo x Sana

Dahyun x Jihyo

Tzuyu x Chaeyoung

Nayeon x Jeongyeon

other versions of Fall in love with Miyawaki Family 



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Chapter 2: this is AMAZING