Flowers for Darling

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Hyejin signs one of her most important partnership contracts since becoming a CEO, and receives gifts from her girlfriend.


CEO girlfriends everyone.


I'm finally back. I graduated medschool and said goodbyes to my mental health while at it😉

This story is just an attempt at getting back to writing, and holds no braincells nor even a resemblance of a plot whatsoever. Just a lot of fluff and hwasun, but, come on, who doesn't like fluffy Hwasun CEO girlfriends, amiright?🤣

I'm still very rusty, but I hope you enjoy reading it, cuz I had A LOT of fun writing it✨

Happy birthday to our Queen Hwasa!🎉


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chickenbbq #1
congrats, doc!
Chapter 1: Cutee
Chapter 1: I just love Hwasun so much <3 thank you!
Chapter 1: this is sooo cute I love their dynamic in this story! Thank you so much, I always love your hwasun stories 🤗 ❤️