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tell me what you wanna do; run away or stay tonight?



established on 07/10/2022



based on mewe



Non AU roleplay



allows all orientations



of our roleplay

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mod and base accounts are ready, announcements on tumblr are going out. opening soon!





about our roleplay

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at Tonight roleplay, we are an app that promotes the private life of idols and models alike, looking for that special connection. Whether for just a night, or the rest of our lives, wont you stay with us?

we are a roleplay on mewe, that helps like minded individiuals link together with fellow peers. here we promote open-ness, in open or polyarmous relationships, rather than closing ourselves off to the world of possiblities. all is welcome, all of us are here for the same reason, bringing us together inside a close community, free of judgement.

Stay Tonight








general guidelines

rule 01

be active at least once a week by posting on your own timeline. make sure to show activity by leavign a comment on two or three posts (outside of your significant others, or group members), and leaving an emoji on every post you come across. if we see a lack of consistent numbers on posts on the timeline, we recommend that you emoji your own post, since not everybody has any idea what emojis work well.

rule 02

welcome everybody that joins us. be friendly, as we want everybody to feel welcome when they join, whether it's on their introduction post, private messages, or on their posts on the timeline. we want to avoid cliques and want everybody to be accepting of each other.

rule 03

make sure to contact the admins if there is any problem, need for hiatuses, or you are leaving. if you leave, then it will result in being blacklisted from the roleplay. we also want everybody to get along, so please come to the admins if there is a problem with you and another roleplayer. we promise to be open minded and help you out as best we can.

rule 04

do not mix ic and ooc. we will not tolerate ooc drama. this is a hatchet burying roleplay, so do not bring issues from past places into this one and give us all the benefit of the doubt, or a chance to start anew. we will accept ic drama, as long as it is ploted before hand and it is consensual between the muns.

rule 05

dating ban is for 5 weeks, giving you time to get to know each other. yes, relationships are complicated, and with more people involved (poly relationships), it can be more messy. therefore, this ban is longer than most roleplays, to give you enough time to make sure everybody involved is happy and connected deep enough. moving relationships are welcome, as long as they abide by the open/poly rules, and are conversing with the rest of the roleplay.

rule 06

please respect the boundaries of every roleplayer, whether it be a dating , ualitiy, or kinks and limits. [email protected] is why you want to join us. we want everybody to feel comfortable and allow any taboo or tamed rolelaying they have here.

rule 07

have fun here and be kind to yourself!



activity rules

rule 01

post publicly on your timeline, at least once a week or alert the admins if you need more time

rule 02

comment on at least 3 posts, and emoji everybody's posts so they feel included

rule 03

comment on introduction posts, or par-take inside the roleplay's group chats so we know you're active and welcoming. please do not talk over each other and make sure everybody feels included inside the chats



in the roleplay

rule 01

please limit spamming of memes or pictures inside the gropu chats

rule 02

avoid posting any nsfw media outside of the designated group. if posting inside the nsfw group chat, please make sure they do not flood up the chat and keep it sfw for those muns that are out in public and/or work and cannot risk seeing that material

rule 03

no roleplaying inside the group chats. we welcome public threads, as well as private ones, but please leave the group chats free for other members to join as they wish

rule 04

you are allowed a second or even third muse, after given enough time being active inside the roleplay. please give it two weeks before appying for a second muse, and another week to apply for a third. you can apply directly through the application forum, however for the third muse, you must get admin approval.

rule 05

give a chance to socialize with everybody, regardless of your uality or gender. we want all of us to feel accepted, appreciated, and loved, just like we want our significant others to feel!



how to join us

width must be 300; height can be 100 or more

— Subscribe to our story! upvotes are appreciated. Then read all our rules to make sure you understand, as well as to find our hidden password. after that, check out our masterlist to see if your faceclaim is free, then submit your applicatiOn! Once you send your application, please send us a message on tumblr or aff, letting us know who as!



taken faceclaims

reserved (00/00)

Reminder! we do not accept controversial face claims, such as those named in the burning sun scandal, deceased idols, married idols, or those that have stated they wish to not be roleplayed. idols must be internationally, so take note of this befrore you apply!


— ateez: san, hongjoong

— monsta x: i.m

seventeen: scoups

stray kids: Hyunjin

solo: wonho


dreamcatcher: siyeon, 

g idle: miyeon

everglow: e:u

fromis 9: jiheon

twice:  chaeyoung

purple Kiss: yuki

solo: yena choi, jessi ho


our management

width and height must be 46

admin 1: tonight

main admin

width and height must be 46

admin 2: tonite




information or events

01. platonic date event

starts:  10/01/2022
ends:  10/05/2022

activity check. having our members be paired up to go on a platonic date (or not so platonic, depending on their chemistry), so they can get to know each other. this roleplay is meant for everybody to feel connected and cared for, so this is for our members to explore their interests and expand their connections, as a thank you for being active.

02. title here

trivia:  here
trivia:  here

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03. title here

trivia:  here
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roleplay on MeWe, so keep an eye out and be ready to join this open/poly roleplay! Hookups just waiting to happen!

Check out our Featured Members post! What makes our featured members amazing!
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