In Trouble With Love (RE-DO)


You become a foreign exchange student in Seoul South Korea, to follow your dreams of being a superstar. Little did you know that you would get put into BTS, one of most famous bands in the world. But in doing so, you meet Jungkook, your childhood friend, you fall in love, and the rest is history.


"I never thought I would see his face again, but now that I have seen it, I knew I was in trouble with love".

This is going to be a re-do of the original story I wrote. I wrote the original story when I was 13 years old. And now that I am 16 years old I realize, there was a lot of mistakes in the story, and that it wasn't very long either. I knew that I could do better and I want to, so now I will start to write here and once I get to the point I was in the original I will delete the original.

Poster made by: TakenbyJungoo

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