Just One, Only One | Seventeen x You | Romance Vampire Werewolf Fantasy AU Short Story

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As per common knowledge, there has been a long battle between the werewolves and vampires. In this world, the vampires aim to expand the land they conquer while the werewolves strive to keep theirs and help other beings such as the humans keep theirs.

Unfortunately, some human clans would rather submit themselves to the opposers, making deals that only selected individuals would be taken as their food source and some to be transformed as additional knights. However, one particular, well-known clan came up with the idea to offer their daughter to be the bride of one of the vampire king's sons, in exchange for the clan's safety and for them to continue their business only for the vampire kingdom. The daughter eventually agreed to this but only if she was the one to pick which son she would wed. 

Three hundred sixty-five days were given to her and if she isn't able to choose then, then the whole clan would be fed to the starving, enraged new bred vampires by midnight.

Will she be able to choose by then?

Read further to know.


"Father, you can't--"

"I am your Father and you will listen to whatever I want you to do."

"My dearest, your father is right. It's for the best of the clan, for our family."

"Not you, too, mother."

"Think about it, dear: With this arrangement, other clans would be glad to join the other side when they see a human married to a vampire prince. The vampire king would then must take care of our clan so much to show them they'd be taken care of in his kingdom."

"But you know he won't do the same to them!"

"Exactly. But that's not a problem to our clan, isn't it?"

"I still won't agree to this. This is absurd! You're willing to use your own daughter--"

"To keep the clan safe?"

"To keep your title as a wealthy and looked up to socialite, even if it endangers others!"

"Very well then. Guards! Make sure she doesn't get out of her room until next week. She must get used to living indoors before we deploy her to meet her future family."

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