Lose My Cool


“Unnie, it's Bora-unnie again.”

Minji sighed and got her car out to go where Siyeon told her to fetch their friend. Again. How many times had it been this week? Three? Four? The woman was used to this by now. Her eyes caught the glaring digits on the car’s console: 2:34am. Seriously Kim Bora, couldn't you be drunk sooner?


You give me that dumb old line
What can we do to stay side by side?
And who, who you gonna be this time?
You got my head all, unleveled on every side

You make me lose my cool
I would leave you anything
Bad love and a good day, lose my cool
I get nothing in reply
I'm hooked, don't know why
Don't know why

Lose My Cool, Foxes.

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