Marry Me?


Part 2 to Admit


It  had been almost three years since Jungkook confessed his love for Y/N. Almost three years of loving his best friend, the girl who made him feel human and not an idol. Throughout the years Jungkook was on 2 world tours, causing the relationship to strengthen. Everyone, including himself thought that it would strain the bond they shared. But everyone was wrong. It only brought the young couple together. The love they shared was strong and not easily broken. Jungkook knew at the end of the second world tour when he stepped off the flight and wrapped his arms around Y/N that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Jungkook was sitting in the living room of the shared dorm, the same room that his 6 hyungs convinced him to confess his love for Y/N. He sat staring out that same window, but this time instead of rain, it was sun. The sky was a pale blue scattered with fluffy white clouds. He texted his hyungs earlier saying he wanted to talk to them. One by one each of his older brothers piled into the shared dorm living room. “Jungkook, is everything okay?” Taehyung asked the Maknae, while taking a seat on the end of the couch. Jungkook shook his head “Taehyungie, everything is fine. I just wanted to talk to you all and ask you to help me with something.” He felt the 6 pairs of eyes on him, it made him nervous, but he managed to get out the favour.


“Hyungs, after the last world tour I realized something. I realized that I don’t want to lose Y/N. Just like everyone thought that the world tours would strain our relationship, but it was the complete opposite. After arriving home and wrapping my arms around y/n, it made me realize that I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” The 6 older members sat staring at the young man in shock. They did not expect this conversation to take this route. Jungkook took a deep breath. “ I want to ask her to be my wife in a few weeks on our anniversary. But I need your help. Can you guys please help me plan this. Namjoon, can you like pretend to keep me at the studio later  so I can buy a ring and make plans?” Namjoon saw the seriousness in the young mans face. He wasn’t kidding.

Namjoon teared up. Looking at the Maknae who was only 16 when they debuted was now getting ready to become a husband. “Jungkook, I will help you out. I will find a way to keep her thinking your writing a song. I’m happy for you kook.” Namjoon got up and hugged him. Jungkook looked over at his oldest hyungs. “Jin and Yoongi, would you be able to help me make dinner for the night?” Jin looked over at Yoongi and both in unison both agreed to help him. The smile on Jungkook’s face only got bigger with each member agreeing to help him out. “Taehyungie, Jiminssi, and Hobi-ah. I require the biggest favour from you three. I want you three to come help me pick out the ring and help me decorate for the dinner.” Without a single word the three of them grabbed the Maknae into a group hug. “When are we going?” Jimin asked Jungkook, making them both laugh. “Thank you, hyungs. I probably couldn’t do this on my own.”

A week had passed and Jungkook found himself in the jewelry store with Hobi, Jimin and Taehyung looking at engagement rings for y/n. Namjoon had called Jungkook that morning telling him they had to stay late because there was an error with saving recordings for the upcoming single and they had to stay later at the studio. With y/n overhearing the “dilemma” she knew that it was one downfall to dating an idol.  She just placed a soft kiss to Jungkook’s cheek and told him to have a great day at the studio. With her falling for the lie, Jungkook was able to get the ring.  With all four of them looking and the older three  pointing at a different ring they thought would look nice for the proposal, nothing seemed to pop out to Jungkook.


That was until he looked into the neighbouring  glass case, he spotted the one.  It was a rose gold band topped with a medium sized princess diamond. Beside the larger diamond was two smaller ones. He asked the jeweller if he could take a closer look at the ring. The jeweller grabbed the ring from the case and placed it into Jungkook’s palm. The three older members peered over Jungkook’s shoulder as Jungkook looked closer at the ring. He looked up and shook his head yes. The other three couldn’t contain their joy as they hugged the Maknae. “Kookie, the ring is perfect. y/n will love it.” Jimin told the young gentleman. “Jiminssi is right Koo. There is no way she is gonna say no looking at that ring.” Hobi encouraged. “Hobi, hyung, y/n would say yes even with out that ring. I have seen the way she looked at Kookie. But the ring will sure make it a lot easier.” Taehyung added. The jeweller came back with the ring in a red velvet box topped with a black bow, passing it over to Jungkook after paying. “Congratulations, young man.” Jungkook thanked the jeweller, and they left the store. The 4 ended up grabbing the last of the supplies for the dinner.


Two weeks passed and the young couple barely saw each other. With Jungkook “tied up at the studio” and y/n working it was tough. y/n wouldn’t change the relationship for the world. She loved the K-pop industry’s golden Maknae. She loved the warm hugs he would surprise her with while she was brushing her teeth in the morning, or while prepping a meal. the soft kisses he would place on her temple while she was sleeping when he had early morning workouts or practices. But her favourite was when he would come home after a long day at the studio when he would climb into their shared king-sized bed and would pull her close into his strong embrace, humming Euphoria until he fell asleep. His voice always soothed y/n.  Jungkook knew she loved those small acts of affection. That is why even in those 2 weeks they barely seen each other he continued to show is affection to her so that she knew they were okay.

It was the day of the proposal and Jungkook was panicked to say the least. With Yoongi and Jin in the kitchen cooking the dinner, making the whole dorm smell fantastic. While Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung setting up the dorm living room into a romantic dinner setting. Jimin and Hoseok moved the furniture to place a small sweetheart table in the middle of the room. While Taehyung made a walkway of battery-operated candles and rose petals from the door leading to the table. Jungkook had Namjoon helping him supervise because well, they all knew and loved their leader, but he was called the “god of destruction” for a reason. But Namjoon saw the panic in Jungkook’s face while he was trying to make sure everything was perfect. So, he called the Maknae into his bedroom.


“Jungkook, everything will be fine. You don’t need to panic. Yoongi and Jin have dinner almost ready. Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok have everything set perfectly for the dinner and so you can dance with her after. Hoseok told me that you caught on quickly to slow dancing. Everything will go great.” He placed a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. “Jungkook, please take your time, go get ready, I will watch over the others and make sure everything goes as smooth as butter.” The pun made Jungkook laugh, easing his nerves a bit. “Thanks, Joon hyung.” He hugged his leader and ran off to get ready. While Namjoon covered his supervising duties.


He quickly showered and got himself dressed. He put on a white button-down shirt with black dress pants and a blazer. He mentioned to y/n earlier that morning that there was a present in the closet and to be ready for 5 that Jimin would be picking her up. He picked out a knee length red dress with laced short sleeves and paired the dress with a pair of cute black flats. He couldn’t wait to see her. He looked down at his phone so see a notification from his jagiya. ‘ Thank you, Kookie! The dress is beautiful. See you soon xx’  he smiled at his phone looking at the time. Jimin would have left by now to pick her up.  He grabbed the ring, placing it in his pocket before stepping out into the living room.  He looked to see everything placed perfectly. The walkway to the table was just as he imagined. He looked over to see Taehyung fixing the bouquet of pink roses on the table. He gathered the other 5 member in the dorm and thanked them

“Hyungs, you guys encouraged me three years ago to confess my love for y/n and today I am going to ask her to be my wife. I want to thank you now for your help with everything and the support over the last 3 years and the time before. I can’t wait to bring you with me on this next chapter of my life as I may be planning a wedding.” Just as he was about to finish his speech, he got a text from Jimin saying they had arrived. “Oh god, she’s here!” the Maknae worried. Namjoon looked him in the eyes and just muttered “fighting.” Jungkook smiled “fighting!” the older two quickly placed dinner on the table as they ran out the far door.

Jungkook stood in the middle of the room with the only light source of the candles laying in the floor and the dimmed chandelier above. His mind was racing, every negative thought came to mind. It was quickly shut down by the sound of the door opening and he looked up to see y/n. The dress hugged her figure perfectly. Her hair was done the way he always liked it. “Jagyia, you look beautiful, as always” He walked over pulling her into a hug. “Kookie, what is all of this?” she muttered into his chest. “ Happy Anniversary. I wanted to make the day special. Come sit, I had Jin and Yoongi make us dinner.” He placed his hand on the small of her back and they walked down towards the table. He pulled out her chair and ensured she was comfortable before sitting himself.

He looked over and watched her enjoy the food made buy the two eldest members. As he looked at her his mind wondered to the first night, they spent the night together.

“Y/n, you can’t go home. The roads are too slippery. I don’t want you getting hurt.” y/n sighed “Kookie, I can’t stay here. I don’t want to...” and with that the power went out. the only light source they had was from the phones. “Please jagyia, stay. I can’t have you going out into that storm.” With some hesitation. “Fine kook. I feel I’m intruding on the dorm.” “You are not intruding, my love. You are just staying safe.”  He walked y/n to his room and handed her one of his shirts, a pair of his sweatpants, and a sweater. “Go change. I will go light some candles and grab some blankets and we can watch the storm.” Jungkook went and organized the couch. Just as he grabbed the last blanket, he looked up to see y/n swimming in his clothes.

“Love, you look adorable and comfy. Come sit.” The two sat on the couch, curled up under the blankets watching the storm rip through Korea’s capital. With Jungkook’s arm placed around her shoulders, pressing a soft kiss on her temple. It didn’t take long until y/n’s head rested on her head on his shoulder. They spent hours talking curled up under the blankets. It wasn’t long before both of them were laid out on the couch fast asleep.”


Jungkook’s flashback trance was broken by y/n’s soft voice “kook, you alright” he chuckled. “Yes, y/n, I am ok. I was just thinking about the first time we spent the night together. It was that snowstorm. You wore some of my clothes and we fell asleep on the couch.” y/n blushed at the memory. “ I really didn’t want to stay that night. But I am glad I did. I have never been able to sleep alone after that.” Jungkook took y/n’s hand placing it into his. He looked y/n in the eyes and asked, “Can I have this dance?” she nodded. He guided y/n to the middle of the living room, while pushing play on his phone. Placing his arms around his girlfriend’s small frame, ‘Thinking out loud’  played through the living room. Looking down at the girl who made him happier than performing, he softly sang the lyrics into her ear.

The song felt like it dragged but he never wanted it to end. The nerves spread through is entire body. The nerves were worst than before performing on tour. The song ended and he looked y/n in the eyes. “y/n, my love. We have been together for three years now. You were the first girl who made me feel like I was Jeon Jungkook, from Busan and not Jeon Jungkook from BTS. You have stuck by me through 2 world tours. You would be saying good morning to me, and I would be heading to bed. You would wake up to my called at 3 am when I was missing you and needed to hear your voice. You would meet me at the airport after tours and promotions even if I was coming home in the early hours of the morning.

You have become the first person I want to see in the morning and the last person I want to see before  fall asleep. Y/N Y/L/N...” Jungkook dropped to one knee. Looking up he saw the look of shock on her face, pulling the ring out of his pocket, that he picked out a week prior. “Will you” he opened the top of the red velvet box, revealing the ring. He looked up and saw tears in her eyes as she shook her head she replied “yes, Jungkook. I would love to marry you!” Jungkook took the ring placing it upon her left hand. He grabbed her around the waist and placing a kiss upon y/n’s lips. “I love you future Mrs. Jeon.” “ I love you too” y/n replied.

The two spent the rest of the night drinking champagne, in the dorm living room. Looking out the same window they both had memories looking out. Jungkook placed a soft kiss upon y/n’s forehead before the boys arrived back at the dorm. Within minutes the 6 older members gathered into the dorm in anticipation of what happened. “Hello oppa’s” y/n waved at the 6 boys walking through the door. in unison they all replied “hello y/n. Did you enjoy your evening?” Jungkook smiled “She said yes, Hyungs.” The room filled with cheers and congratulations to the newly engaged couple. Y/n knew she wouldn’t want any other men in her life other than Jungkook and his best friends. Jungkook knew that he made the right decision as he watched his older brothers hug his fiancée.

He made the best decision three years ago. He couldn’t thank his hyungs enough.

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