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An AU where enemies Joohyun and Seungwan were assigned to do a psychology project about liking someone.


"As an output, I'll be grouping you into pairs,  I want you to prepare a report about the psychology of liking someone."  Joohyun's gaze went over her professor who's currently holding her class record. She's internally praying that she will notice her once she raises a question, just when she's just about to raise her hand the professor meets her eyes and gave her a grin. "No miss Bae Joohyun, this is a task by pair you can't work alone." she heard a chuckle from her back and saw Seungwan giggling while staring at her, was she laughing because of what happened? "Miss Son Seungwan and Bae Joohyun you'll be the third pair."  Joohyun's eyes widen as she heard what the professor just said, Seulgi, on the other hand, was elbowing Seungwan who was now looking like she was panicking. 

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