THE 7 (part 1) E

Jensoo Imagine's
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"Can we still be friends?" Jennie ask me the night when we both crying our hearts out because of the pain, regrets and anger we told with each other. How come she said something like that? Is it okay to be friend with the person you loved? The person who breaks your heart? The person you always missed? That night, I don't answer her instead I hug her so tight thinking it will be the last time. Last hug to the person I promise my life with.  

The memories of that night still lingers to me.  I didn't stop her or tell we can still be friends.

We always together like there's no break up happen to us. She always there to make me warm, laugh at my jokes, hold my hand hen I'm nervous and also kiss me when I'm distracted. KISSED ME IN MY CHEEKS OKAY?

"Unnie what's your status now? I mean you're relationship with Jen unnie? " Rose asking me while we walk and talk together in the hallways.

"She's my..... acquaintance?" I said not even sure if it's right.

"Ohhh then can I court you?" she jokingly said while grabbing my hand and leaning her head to mine.

"Hmmm I-" before I even answer her question we were interrupted by a fuming cat named Jennie Kim.

"Really?!! CHU!! a-acquaintance? I thought were friends?! particularly bestfriends!" She said and grabbing my hand from Rose.

"W-woahhh Jen chill" I said while pulling my hands from her and put it in my pocket. I see that she was taken back on what I did . She look down a bit and then sarcastically chuckled.

"Okay okay I understand now, if you don't want to be my friend then don't " she said and walk between me and Rose causing my left shoulder hit the wall. I looked at her back wishing she'll comeback then grab my hand and we ran to the roof top and make out just like before. 

"uhmm unnie are we gonna stay here?" Rose said causing me to wake up to reality and realizing that Jen did'nt came back. I just shrugged to Rose and continue walking to reach our room.


"Jennie unnie didn't join us again" Lisa said while munching her food.

"Maybe she was too fond to her new friends right Jisoo unnie?" Rose said while wiggling her brows to me.

"I dont know Rose how about you tell us your new crush?" I ask her while smirking Lisa also stop munching her food and also looked at Rose.

"She's the NEW BESTFRIEND of Jennie unnie, and also she looks like you Jisoo unnie but she has a cold aura surrounding her" she said and steal Lisa's food . They both start arguing about food while I think about Jennie. She rarely join us and also I think she's avoiding me. I sighed heavily and leaned to the table, I started to breathe heavily closing my eyes and sit properly.

"Unnie why can't you befriend with Jen unnie? She's like your other half right?" Lisa ask watching Rose eating her food.

I open my eyes and stared at Lisa. My other half huh.... I shruged and stand up " Tell to the prof I'm sick I need to go home quick" I said to them and quickly go outside even before they ask me why. Before I left I see Jennie with Irene her new bestfriend I remember what Rose said "looks like me" . I'm prettier than her and just went to my car to go home and sleep.


I can't ing sleep. It's been 2 hours laying down my bed thinking of why can't I answer Lisa. I try to think c

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Chapter 3: Sorry for the typos hahahaha 😋
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Chapter 3: hmm?