How You Got The Girl

How You Get The Girl


Mommy this, mommy that.. Sooyoung is pretty exhausted with Yerim and her unusual amount of energy for a toddler. Watching Hyeju just cling onto Jinsol, Sooyoung feels somewhat envious at how low-tension her friend's toddler is. It's more surprising since the Jeong-Cho wives are usually as hyper as Yerim, and to see Hyeju be the completely opposite of that, it's a funny contrast.


"Hyeju, Hyeju!" Yerim tugs on the girl's pants, prompting Hyeju to wriggle to be let down. Yerim grins and drags Hyeju away to some aisle, giving their mothers a mini-panic attack to chase after them. Their wives would be furious if they lost the kids. It doesn't help that they're the clumsy self-proclaimed cooler moms.


Jinsol gets to the kids first. She scolds, "Ah, seriously, girls, don't run so fast. You could've hurt yourselve—"


"Mommy, buy this," Hyeju waves some sort of product up to Jinsol. Her usual wolf eyes transformed into one of a doe, just like Yerim's, who's also whining to Sooyoung to buy something.


Jinsol sighs with a smile and a pat to Hyeju's head as she takes a look at the product. "What? We don't even need this, baby.."


"But mama," The toddler protests.


Ah, right. She might not be the one pregnant this time, but Haseul is. And with the woman's smaller frame, growing a baby will most definitely give her some sort of issue with her body along the way.


Jinsol glances at the pregnancy support belt Hyeju picked up. She crouches down to the toddler's level and caresses the girl's cheeks. They're so full and with her self-cut choppy bangs, Hyeju's cuteness makes her give in.






"What's all this??" Haseul confusedly picks up the plastic bag filled with weird gadgets and products. "I-I dont..?" She looks up at Sooyoung and Jinsol for an explanation.


Sooyoung does her bunny sniffle habit. "Um, Yerim and Hyeju wanted to buy you all that 'cause you're, you know, cooking up a baby in there."


"Cooking a baby?!" Yerim shrieks, genuinely concerned.


Jinsol smacks the back of Sooyoung's head. The latter nearly curses out of habit before Jinsol reassures Yerim that there's no baby cooking involved in Haseul's belly.


Throughout the interaction, Hyeju's just quietly laying her head over Haseul's belly. She's been fascinated with being an older sister ever since they told her. It's overwhelmingly endearing to see Hyeju try her hardest to help around the house for Haseul. It's like she knows how much Haseul took up the roles when Jinsol was pregnant with her.


Amidst Sooyoung's and Jinsol's bickering as Yerim tries to stop them, Hyeju takes out one of the products and whines to Haseul to use it.


"This first?" Haseul asks and Hyeju nods with a grin. She flips the product and reads, "Pocket fetal doppler..?"






"Baby?" Hyeju asks for the nth time, hearing the pulsing from the speaker.


Jinsol has her eyebrows heavily furrowed as she tries finding the baby's heartbeat. "No, baby, it's mama's."


Both Yerim and Hyeju deflate. Sooyoung, with the two kids on her lap, tries to cheer them up by fidgeting her legs to lightly rock them. "Jinsoulie's gonna find it soon, just wait."


Despite being skeptical earlier, Haseul huffs an annoyed sigh and takes the detector from Jinsol and finds it herself.


"Aw, c'mon, Seulie, I was close to—"


Badump, badump, badump!


Jinsol gasps and presses her cheek up to Haseul's belly. "Oh my gosh!! Is that her?"


"Well, what's the BPM?"




Haseul chuckles airily. "That's baby."


Hyeju hurriedly hops off Sooyoung and rushes over to Jinsol. She makes grabby hands towards the device with the speaker. Jinsol snorts and gives it with a warning to be careful with it. Hyeju nods and just hovers it over her ear with an amazed aura surrounding her.


Yerim follows suit and Hyeju holds it between them. For once, Yerim goes silent as the two toddlers listen to the fast heartbeat of the Jeong-Cho's unborn baby. "Yeojinnie?"


"Eung!" Hyeju responds with a bright tone. "Yeojinnie~!" She begins chanting with Yerim.


"Yeojinnie?" Sooyoung quirks an eyebrow.


Haseul hums. "Yeah, we told Jungeun and Yerim the name we picked out."


Sooyoung lets out a scandalized gasp. "And not me?"


"Nope," Jinsol says with a pop.


"Why not."


"Just because." Jinsol shrugs.






"Now what is this?" Haseul brings up a product called 'Belly Buds'.


Jinsol dumbly smiles. "What if the baby wants to hear my songs?"


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