A Midsummer Melody


themysticfalls presents
A Midsummer Melody

When Kim Junmyeon, well known classical pianist, is caught up in a series of false scandals due to his ex-wife, he chooses to step under the radar and take a break from the spotlight. His choice brings him to volunteer as a music teacher at a countryside orphanage where he meets Yoon Anna, a ten-year-old girl with a gift for music, who remains forgotten without a chance of being adopted. 

Over a summer together, Junmyeon starts to find his light once again, and it may be due to the child that shines brighter than any star.

The question is, could he ever be the home she needs?



“To her, the name  'father' was another name for love.”



Kim Junmyeon



Shin Rina as Yoon Anna


This story focuses on the element of family and fatherhood, no romance to be seen here I'm afraid~!

I hope you enjoy 'A Midsummer Melody'.



Hello everyone ^-^

This idea came to me while watching my favourite movie of all time 'Finding Neverland'

It just fit too perfectly with my vision, a story that focuses on healing and music, and well- fatherhood? Who knows?






Beautiful poster by universitykpop~

You did a beautiful job, thank you~!


Beautiful layout curtesy of SkyeButterfly~!

Thank you for helping me choose the title <3
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