my girls


in wich hyunjin is sick and hyesoul take care of their girlfriend


every loona unit has a dorm so of course the three girlfriends aren’t in the same dorm, no one knew that hyunjin was sick and her members went out for grocery shopping, so she was left alone.


the two girlfriends wanted to hangout together so they went to 1/3 dorm to pick hyunjin plus they knew the other members were shopping.


“hey hyunjin” shouted jinsoul but something was odd they didn’t hear hyunjins response she she always responds by barking or meowing “maybe she went with them” sayed hyeju.


they both went into hyunjins room to see her curled up in her cat blanket sniffing quietly “hyunjin are you okay, why didn’t you tell us that your sick?” asked jinsoul worriedly she grounds in response, hyeju immediately rushes to hyunjin and hug her “are you ok wear does it hurt?” the two girls are so worried since no one knew that she’s sick and alone.


“I feel like I might throw up” she said in a low voice and suddenly jumped out of the bed startling the two worried girls and rushed to the bathroom immediately throwing up the two girls looked at each other and run to the bathroom.


hyeju held hyunjins hair back and jinsoul rubbed hyunjins stomach to soothe the pain “what did you eat yesterday” asked jinsoul hyunjin finished and flushed the toilet “kimbap” she sighed.


the two girls helped hyunjin to go to bed, well hyeju wanted to lift her girlfriend since she didn’t workout and that was her lie but hyunjin refused.


they tucked hyunjin in bed wrapping her in thick blankets “do you have any medicine,pills?” asked jinsoul looking for any thing to ease hyunjins pain “no” she sighed “ok I’ll go to the convenience store, hyeju take care of hyunjin” she said and went out of the dorm.


seeing the gloomy atmosphere hyeju wanted to cheer her girlfriend up “do wanna build legos?, I found an old box in jinsouls room” she said while hugging her girlfriend “really, I’m bored let’s play” hyeju smiled seeing how hyunjin eyes shine while smiling brightly even though she is sick.


time skip


jinsoul returned to the dorm to see the most precious thing her two younger girlfriends trying to build the Lego, she hugged the two girls “oh my god you scared me” hyunjin giggled “oh my sorry babe” jinsoul pecked hyunjin lips and helped her to bed “I bought medicine and some food”


jinsoul prepared everything and gave hyunjin her medicine and the three girlfriends stayed in the dorm cuddling.


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