1on1: Crush

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Danbi needs participation points for her sorority and ends up partaking in a Polaroid event with Yeongjun, a member of their brother fraternity. He also happens to be her crush, too.


hi! i’m back after a while and happy to announce my first writing piece of 2022 starring the maknae of VANNER, Yeongkwang. anyways, finally got the chance to see the boys in concert and they were amazing! also finally got around to writing for them due to the 1on1 session they had which inspired me to write this. lol boys got me so flustered, but anyways, i combined mine and my sister’s experiences to get these to be written out. i’m planning doing all the members, but i dunno when that’ll be released and so enjoy this one with Yeongkwang! also check out VANNER as they do not disappoint! and to those that have seen them live or are a VVS, go you! but yeah, so happy reading and kthxbai~

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