1on1: Crush
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"Why are we here again?"

Danbi glanced at one of her roommates and friends, Chorong, while making an indifferent face at the large crowd all around them filled with other students and some faculty members. The pair entered their university's auditorium where one of their school's fraternity was holding an event.

"You're serious?" Chorong questioned as Danbi nodded, clueless.

Chorong sighed before speaking again.

"You need to participate in Beta Nu's 1on1 event, Choo Danbi."


"Because you're part of Beta Beta Sigma."

"Mmhmm. And your point is, Myung Chorong?"

"We're the sister sorority of the said fraternity."

"Yeah, I know that, but so what?"

Chorong sighed while casting her friend with a firm look.

"Did you forget that you're missing some necessary activities for this semester?"

Realization finally dawned on Danbi.

"Oh, right, I do."


Chorong linked arms with Danbi with a playful smile.

"It'll be fun."

"Do I have to?"

"Yes you do because if you participate in at least one of Beta Nu's various booths for tonight's event, then Bae Bitna will let you off the hook for the rest of the school year."

Danbi sighed while nodding.


"Great. I know the perfect booth that will get you actual proof of participation."

"Which is?"

"Don't worry about it. Guseul and Boram messaged me earlier about the booth to get you off the hook."

Danbi frowned, not liking the mischievous expression that graced Chorong's face as well as hearing the two names of their other two equally as mischievous roommates and friends' suggestion either. Danbi knew procrastinating about her activities was gonna mess with her later more than she would have liked it back then.

"I can't believe I let them talk me into doing this."

Despite appearing nonchalant and aloof about the whole thing, Danbi actually felt nervous as she once again slowly scanned her surroundings while waiting in the semi-long line of Beta Nu's member, Ahn Yeongjun, to take a Polaroid with him. Apparently to Boram, Guseul, and Chorong, taking photos with her crush was the best idea to fill her Beta Beta Sigma's activity quotas, compared to the other activities that the fraternity also had going on simultaneously.

"I would've been fine with them taking a picture of me with the cut-outs instead of the actual person, but no, I have to take it with the real one for more authenticity."

She tsked.

"Yeah, right. They just love messing with me."

Danbi sighed for the nth time since lining up as she had hoped to make a run for it the second she got the chance to. Unfortunately her friends kept watch so Danbi focused her attention onto Yeongjun as she watched the male pose for the Polaroid camera alongside another schoolmate. She admired the male since their high school days and despite having some of the same classes as him since attending Wi Tae University, too, Danbi never pursued any sort of relationship with Yeongjun except as schoolmates. She felt too out of his league.

". I'm almost next." Danbi muttered when she moved closer in the line.

It would be Danbi's turn after this person as she unconsciously ran a hand through her hair before patting it down to look presentable. Danbi calmly and slowly inhaled and exhaled while psyching herself up that she 'got this' and telling herself that 'it'll be over soon'. It shouldn't take that long to do anyway. Once she got her Polaroid as proof for participating in Beta Nu's 1on1 event tonight, Danbi wouldn't have to bother doing more sorority activities for the rest of the year.

"Choo Danbi, fighting!" She softly cheered for herself before taking her turn after the person left with their Polaroid, satisfied.

"Oh, hey." The person, Kim Yoonkwan, greeted Danbi with a friendly smile.

"Didn't expect to see you here."

"Hi and yeah, me, too."

Danbi chuckled sheepishly.


"Oh, yeah, here you go."

She presented him with a ticket used for the 1on1 event. Her friends had given it to her upon meeting up earlier. Danbi totally forgot about it.

"Okay. Now pick a pose." Yoonkwan said while showing her the board that had three poses she could choose from.

"Um, C."

Danbi and Yoonkwan both turned to face Yeongjun as Danbi went to stand by him while Yoonkwan informed Yeongjun of the chosen pose.

"Okay, C. Got it." Yeongjun re-confirmed with a smile and a thumbs up before casting a wider smile at Danbi.

"Hi, hello."


She smiled in return while scooting slightly closer to the male so that the both of them could be in the frame. Danbi didn't really care if Yeongjun knew of her or even remembered her, but the close proximity made her all the more nervous as she felt her heartbeat against her chest. Danbi immediately held her breath when she saw Yeongjun's hand come into view as he got into the 'C' position of doing the finger-gun-charismatic smile pose near her chin while her body involuntarily turned towards him as her head stayed facing away from Yeongjun.

"Okay, let's go." Yoonkwan announced before counting down.

Danbi silently panicked as she lifted her hands to do some type of pose because she couldn't recall if she was supposed to do something in return or not. She glanced at the board, but it was too small and blurry for her to confirm the pose she needed to do. So, upon lifting her arms with her palms facing upwards, her right index finger accidentally grazed Yeongjun's left biceps. Danbi instantly moved her hands away, but this only caused her to realize just how close they were when her fingertips skimmed across his shirt and just left her hands where they were. Danbi smiled as normal as possible, hoping that her panicked state wasn't captured just now.

"Three, two, one. Done!"

Danbi stepped back without hesitation and quietly released the breath she was holding in as she thanked Yeongjun for his time. He smiled and thanked her in return for participating. Danbi took one step towards Yoonkwan to collect her Polaroid, but stopped upon hearing Yeongjun asking a question.

"Did you have fun?"

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