DAYLIGHT  :   19+ Discord Roleplay. Reservations closed.




one: this is a 19+ non au closed discord roleplay. we are only accepting faceclaims from the korean entertainment industry. one account per person. you and your fc must be 19+ to join.

two: in our community we have zero tolerance for hate speech, starting and spreading malicious rumours, and any drama whether it is ic or ooc. please approach the admins in the server if you have any concerns via modmail. the password is your favourite time of day.

please keep all nsfw content to the nsfw channel which requires you to have the nsfw role. fcs under 19 and 4 months will not be allowed to have access to the nsfw channel. txt, enhypen, and bts members will also not be allowed to have access to the channel as they have asked not to be ualised.

three: love is love, we accept all ualities. mpreg is not allowed. there will be a dating ban of one week from your arrival. move-in couples are welcome!

four: we require new members to reach level three upon arrival on the first day. if you are inactive for three days you will be removed for inactivity.

five: please let the admins know via modmail for any (t)ccs, (semi)hiatuses, and unverification from the roleplay. failure to inform admins about unverification will result in a ban.

we allow two types of hiatus of two different lengths. full hiatus (no activity) and semi hiatus (some activity). hiatus lasts for two weeks and semi hiatus lasts for a month. if you need an extension please let the mods know as soon as possible through modmail. if you are removed due to inactivity you must reapply through the aff.

tccs and ccs are unlimited. tccs last for 3 days. there is a 24 hour cooldown between tccs and ccs.

how to join

one: subscribe to the aff and read the rules before commenting.

two: check the masterlist and comment down the application format below. we will get to your applications as soon as possible. make sure dms are open so we may send you the invite.

three: once accepted you have 24 hours to join our server. please let us know if you need an extension on your reservation.

four: once in the server, please read the server rules and have your icon or display photo the same as your faceclaim. since not everyone can afford expensive nitro, you are allowed to change your display photo after 3 days of being in the server.

comment below with this application form!
if you fail to do so, you will not be accepted.

faceclaim name
group / occupation
ic + ooc age


taken reserved00

aespa. karina, winter.
ateez. san, mingi. 
cix. hyunsuk, jinyoung.
dia. chaeyeon.
enhypen. jake, jay.
fromis_9. jisun, saerom, hayoung, nagyung, chaeyoung.
itzy. chaeryeong, ryujin.
kep1er. xiaoting, chaehyun.
le sserafim. chaewon, yunjin.
loona. jinsoul, yves, gowon.
nct. sungchan, haechan, mark. 
seventeen. jeonghan, hoshi.
sf9. rowoon.
stray kids. hyunjin.
the boyz. younghoon, changmin, eric, juyeon, sunwoo22
twice. nayeon. 
txt. soobin, yeonjun, beomgyu.
wjsn. eunseo, seola.

soloists. tba.
actors. go minsi.
models. tba.
others. tba.


soobin wishes for complete txt, nct, loona, itzy and fromis_9.
jinsoul wishes for loona especially yves.
beomgyu wishes for complete txt, dreamcatcher, and stayc.
hyunjin wishes for complete stray kids, ateez, nct, dreamcatcher, itzy, and mamamoo.
haechan wishes for active nct (begging) and dreamcatcher.
karina wishes for complete aespa.
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