Ninety-Nine (Minus Two) Winter Cranes


“For the winter fest,” Jongdae says, “I am going to propose to him.”

“Jongdae,” says Minseok, in that ever-patient tone that he seems to reserve specifically for him, “you two are already married.”



This was written as part of a Secret Santa challenge (here's a link to the collection on AO3) on a Discord server. My recepient wanted soft Xingdae, but I think I added too much sugar, so now it’s just mush. Mushy Xingdae, dumb Xiuyeol, and some EXO boys.

Thanks to M for betaing for me! I mostly word vomited this fic into existence, and then needed help fixing it. She was a blessing, pffft.

Merry belated Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year! Much love to you all ♥♥  May 2022 bring you lots of happiness!

Hope you enjoy this silly fic!

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