i found love (where it wasn't supposed to be)

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Yongsun is the last living dragon that swore to exterminate the Ahn's, a royal family of well-known dragon hunters. The last of Ahn family is the newly crowned Queen Hwasa, and Yongsun applies to become one of her guards in order to fulfill her mission.



commission for @mandeukie. Thank you so much for requesting this, although I had some difficulties, I enjoyed the new experience. And thank you even more for being so understanding and patient with me😅

Happy New Year everyone✨ Please share your thoughts and upvote if you liked the story. It really motivates me🔥

Title is from the song "I Found" by Amber Run

P.S. Special thanks to Dys who guided me through my first ever commission work. Thank you for your consultations and cheering and occasional kicks so I would stay active and keep working🤣🤣

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