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♡ etc 2021.
population: 91.
update: we are officially open!
a non-au, semi crack-lit facebook based roleplay. come & join us! we're a big growing family. promise it'll be worth it   ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა。
one. subscribing is a must. upvoting is optional but very much appreciated.
two. one account per head. we accept all ualities. moving couples are allowed, state it in your application. dating ban is one week. strictly no mpreg.
three. this is a closed non-au, semi crack-lit fbrp. do not add outsiders and keeo your friendlist clean at all times.
four. respect all admins as well as the fellow members. make sure to welcome the newbies. we don't want anyone feeling left out in this place. refrain from staying in your circle of friends. hangout and talk to each and everyone in the rp.
five. strictly no facechasing, you will be warn if caught. be friendly at all times. avoid selective replies.
six. ic and ooc drama are not allowed. you are here to have fun and make new friends. if you have any issues or concerns. please pm the admins in a group message so we can discuss in private. do not bring drama from your past rp. everyone who joins here will have a fresh new start.
seven. cc and tcc are unlimited but don't abuse it! tcc last 4 days. holler an admin if you have any questions regarding character changes.
eight. inform the base if you're leaving or going on a hiatus or if your account is locked. failure to do so will lead you to being banned from rejoining. wait 5 days before rejoining after leaving.
nine. we accept all 18+ asian faceclaims. no nsfw (such as videos and photos) in public. keep them in pm and the group.
ten. please do not unfriend/block members in the roleplay. unfollow if you need to. pw is how you found us.
eleven. break any of the rules stated and we will give you a warning. 3 strikes and you're out. you will no longer be allowed into the roleplay.
♡ masterlist
taken reserved00 tcc

actors/actress: ryo. yuko.
suzy. bright. ryuwon.
astro: eunwoo19
akb48: miu
ateez: san. seonghwa. wooyoung. hongjoong.
aespa: karina. ningning. giselle
bts: jungkook. taehyung. jimin.
blackpink: jennie. rose. jisoo.
exo: sehun. kai. chanyeol19.
enhypen: jake. sunghoon. jay.
fromis_9: chaeyoung. saerom.
heysayjump: yuto.
itzy: yeji. chaeryeong. 
izone: minju. hyewon.
kep1er: xiaoting. chaehyun.
loona: kimlip. yves. hyunjin. jinsoul. haseul. heejin.
mirae: khael. 
monsta x: changkyun.
nct: jaehyun. jaemin.
hendery. taeyong. doyoung. jeno. xiaojun.
red velvet: joy. seulgi.
shinee: taemin.
straykids: leeknow. hyunjin. felix.
seventeen: wonwoo. mingyu.
txt:.beomgyu.taehyun. hueningka.
tbz: juyeon. sunwoo. q. new. 
twice: nayeon. sana. mina. tzuyu.
victon:  byungchan.
wayb: noze.
wekimeki: doyeon18.
wjsn: seola.
model: dove. ashley. natasha. jisung. liujihui. xianxian. sabrina.
soloist: bibi. ouyang. chungha. somi. oscar. yetao.
♡ how to join
one. subscribe and make sure to read the rules.
two. check masterlist and wishlist.
three. comment your application in the format below & wait for the aff's base (@lovedrain) to accept your application.
four. once accepted, send in your link via dm for further steps.
 ༘♡ ⋆。 format:
group ; occupation:
password: (in the guidelines)
♡ wishlist
name: name name
name: name name
♡ couples
name x name
name x name
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