Don't Blame Me

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This is based on the song, “Don’t Blame Me” by Taylor Swift. This complicated, angsty, twisted, dark story just keeps on coming in my mind every time the song plays randomly on my shuffled playlist, with Sana and Dahyun playing as the main characters… their Feel Special MV twisting a whole plot inside my mind.


A story where Sana lost herself, obsessing over Dahyun to the point that she began to cross the line. That’s where Dahyun’s ex-fiancé, Mina, who happens to be the best detective in Seoul Precinct, will intervene.


And everything will go spiraling when everyone tries to intervene and stop the whole thing before it blows up. From Sana’s friends – Momo, Tzuyu and Jihyo… to Dahyun’s circle – Mina, Chaeyoung, Nayeon and Jeongyeon, who will do everything to protect her.



Here are some of the lyrics that will give you the gist:


“I've been breakin' hearts a long time

And toyin' with them older guys

Just playthings for me to use”




“Something happened for the first time

In the darkest little paradise

Shakin', pacin', I just need you”




“I'm insane, but I'm your baby”




“Halo hiding my obsession

I once was poison ivy, but now I'm your daisy”




Read the short prompt/ foreword I made and let me know what you think! Also, listen to Don’t Blame Me… because, well obviously, it’s where I got the whole plot from.






Minatozaki Sana had everything anyone could ask for. A beautiful face and charm no one can resist, a high-paying job she actually loves, solid friends, and a faithful, patient, loving, caring, good-looking boyfriend for five years, Cha Eun-woo. Everyone says they are the perfect couple.


Another thing Sana has is the freedom her boyfriend had no choice but to give her. Sana hops from different guys and girls when her doctor boyfriend is too busy tending to his patients. It’s been going on for years, but her ever-loving boyfriend settled with the setup as long as the girl still goes home to him.


It was the perfect setup for someone like Sana… until the doctor met someone. Someone who is as broken as him. Someone who is as loyal, caring and loving as him. Someone who settles for someone who they loved dearly. Someone like Kim Dahyun.


And then it happened; all demons in Sana’s own hell broke lose. The thought of losing her boyfriend never crossed her mind. She was perfect. Everyone wanted her. No one would dare break up with her and she will never take the blame for it and will never accept the doctor’s answer or reason. So she try to find out herself: what does that Kim Dahyun have that made Cha Eun-woo, her ever so faithful boyfriend who worships her, throw everything?


So she began to follow the girl. And she began to see why. Kim Dahyun is sunshine. And summer and spring. All at once. Kim Dahyun is a breath of fresh air. She wanted to be all that too. So she began to copy Kim Dahyun, in hopes of winning her ex-boyfriend back. She lived like Kim Dahyun. She lived closely with Kim Dahyun. She began obsessing over Kim Dahyun. Until she began to lose herself.


Minatozaki Sana began to do things she never thought she would do. For Dahyun. Things that she wasn’t supposed to do. Things that normal people don’t do. Bad things. Dark, twisted and sick things. Things that the normal world doesn’t allow… that the law wouldn’t allow… that people around Dahyun wouldn’t allow… people, like Dahyun’s ex-fiancé, who was still in love with her, who happens to be the best detective of the Seoul Precinct, would never allow.




“She’s trouble, bro. I can tell.” Her detective best friend, Chaeyoung, said flatly, pertaining to Sana.





“You broke up with me, Mina. You can stop pretending you still care. And Sana’s a good person. She cares about me genuinely! And I like her… a lot! She wouldn’t leave me like you did… when I needed you the most.” Dahyun’s tears were involuntary, but the anger that had stirred in her when Mina, her ex-fiancé, told her that there was something off about Sana was too much that she couldn’t stop her eyes from burning.




“You’re sick, Minatozaki. Get away from her or I’ll kill you.” Detective Myoui said with gritted teeth and loathing eyes.


“I am protecting her! I am doing the exact thing you failed to do. And I will do everything to keep her safe.” Sana answered, her voice filled with determination.






HAPPY SANA-DAY, EVERYONE! I purposely waited for this day so I can post this. Lol (can I also say that... SAIDA won (twicetagram)! Sprite nation won!)



Tell me your thoughts, pleaaaase? This story will be long and complicated and will probably have lots of angst. Hehehehe. Should I push through it? YES or NO? Lol tell me what you think.



I have made a Character List with a very brief view of the characters' role in my Twitter account that you might find very helpful! Check it out on the link below!





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