Something's Missing

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After her earphone goes missing when colliding with an arrogant jogger, Haneul meets him again as her patient's son, Jaehyun, an uptight businessman who prioritises work over everything. Including his hospitalised mother.





— 𝓜 —


genres: romance, drama, angst

warnings: mature themes, ual references, toxicity, mention of death. don't read if you're not comfortable!

a/n: hi who else woke up one morning (3pm) a few months ago (by the time I'm publishing this it's been 2 years omg) and wanted to write a jaehyun fanfic but kept getting busy/writers block but here we are?? ME ASF!!! this is my first story (just lied. i wrote horrible fanfics in hs i'm too embarrassed about) this is the first fanfic that's GOOD. i think... you all will be the judge to that so enjoy!!


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Commotion came from the entrance of the cafeteria as Haneul and Yeri continued with their lunch. A familiar man's earsplitting voice echoed across the large space and recieved looks of the few people in the room, and one from Haneul, too, who had a perfect view sitting only a few tables away. The infamous hospital's CEO Mr Kim, a short middle-aged man that emitted sounds similar to a lion with the image of a glazelle, eccentrically gesturing his hands as he talked to what seemed to be a businessman in a deep navy suit standing much taller than Mr Kim.


Haneul's eyes flickered. One. Two. Three times... It can't be.


"Let's get you something to eat, President Jeong," Mr Kim enthusiastically said. "You must have a stomach after all this walking around we've done. I'll have the kitchen cook you something real nice."




Four times they have encountered each other. A face that she met once under unfortunate circumstances, but now she has met that face another three times. A stranger a week ago, who is still a stranger now, yet their paths keep lapping together. Routine as if it was her weekly jogs. Maybe it was that the whole trajectory of her life had changed, or maybe it was just this stranger became more recognisable in her daily life after a memorable introduction.



She followed Taeyong through what was countless hallways and employees greeting him and bowing. When he stopped walking, so did she. When he started small-talking his coworkers, she stood beside him awkwardly. When he started walking again, so did she. When he stopped again, Haneul promptly did so too.


"There he is," he folded his arms and stared at a ceiling to floor glass window that looked into a large boardroom. 


Haneul bobbed her head when she saw Jaehyun, dressed in his usual black business suit and tie, seated at the table with his arms folded. His expression was as serious as ever as he concentrated on a man pointing at a massive screen that had a bunch of graphs Haneul would know nothing about. She couldn't hear anything they were saying from spectating outside but their mouths seemed to move a lot and whatever they were saying was definitely important.


She watched as Jaehyun rubbed against his jaw and then said something. His side profile was insane. Then how he rolled his eyes at whatever it could possibly be. Then his gaze met hers.


For a split second, he smirked at her and then reimmersed himself back to the presentation.


She gritted her teeth, unimpressed, and thoughts running wild about how he probably feels a sense of victory in her coming here. She really shouldn't have came but yet she was standing in front of him.


Taeyong's phone buzzed and he patted her shoulder. He says, "I've got to go now, Haneul. Just wait here for," he looked at his phone again, "five more minutes. He should be done anytime now. Alright, see you."


Haneul's lips cracked open a little in disbelief that Taeyong was abandoning her now and that she would have to stand there uncomfortably waiting for the meeting to finish. She almost told him to not go but by the time she found her words he already walked away at a rather fast pace.


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