Anonymous Christmas Card


When SinB receives an anonymous love confession in the shape of a Christmas card, she is decided to find out who wrote it, but when the possibilities are more than one, it becomes harder than expected.


Hi, everyone! I wrote this short fanfic for a friend of mine as a birthday gift around a month ago, but I wanted to wait a little bit until posting it because I thought it would be more fitting for people to read it when Christmas was nearer. It was supposed to be a one shot, but it turned out to be longer. Anyways, I hope you really enjoy the story, I did it while writing it since I'm always missing GFRIEND, and I love writing my fav ship. Also, if you liked this AU, feedback would be much appreciated. That being said, Merry Christmas! May all your wishes come true ;)

This story is written in a very different tone from the first one I posted here, but it's been enjoyable as well. I hope you had fun reading it too!
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