vendetta syndrom


What´s the one thing worse than dying? Waking up to find out you are, for some reaon, still alive.

What´s even worse? The ghost of a pretty girl haunting you.

And the worst? You fall in love with her, knowing your relationship is doomed.


this is something that has been floating around my mind for some time. i wanted to write something dark and macabre - hopefully ill be getting there. enjoy! 


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Chapter 1: Ok, I have a lot of thoughts. First of all, this is surprisingly well-written! The flow is good. The diction is good. It is very descriptive of the environment, mood, feelings, and thoughts of the characters. Do you publish this too on ao3? I would like to subscribe there too to receive emails. All in all, I'm very intrigued and I can't help but feel giddy because of excitement. This is great. I'm looking forward on what's going to happen next. Love lots.
nabongs97 #2
Chapter 1: Next pls?