Why are you here?! πŸ’•

My ex's back πŸ’•
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In a late Friday night, jeonghan's drinking by the bar downtown a famous club, he often go to after work, whenever he feels stressed or pressured by his current job, he find himself here, known by the barman cause he have lived around this neighborhood as long as he remembers.

And getting a hit on, is something pretty usual, " Hey beauty, alone?!." jeonghan looked at the man around his thirty, rolled his eyes there.

" I'm alone, but I don't want to hook up with ugly bastard like you."

The guy were speechless at the sudden answer from this arrogant beauty, " What the did you just said?? Try to say it again."

Jeonghan slammed his glass annoyingly.

" If you don't wanna hook up why are you wearing such a clothes?!. "

Jeonghan smirked, he stood up and held the man's necktie, the guy's face turned red seeing the breathtaking beauty before his eyes.

What the , he have such a womanly waist.

He's wearing a short black shirt, short black pants, a clothes like a cosplay or nowadays lingerie, his pale white thighs and pricing on his bellybutton.

" Did you just judged my style?!."

The guy shook his head, seems so shy suddenly as jeonghan pulled his necktie more to whisper on his ear.

" Does it turn you on?!".

He smirked, " Yesss ~."

Jeonghan pulled back, " Than go yourself."

He rolled his eyes, walked away, out the club and the guy was left speechless and dumbfounded, clutched his knuckles angrily.. " That ing , I will surely him today till his arrogant side fade ~." he smirked, followed the beauty outside.




Jeonghan breathed out into his hands, feeling so cold, kept walking there till he felt someone behind, before he could even struggle, a guy pulled him on alleyway after covering his mouth, jeonghan struggled, he tried freeing himself but this guy's really strong.

" How dare you make fun of me, you y ~."

Jeonghan looked at him as he pinned him by the wall, tried taking off his short pants as he touched him and jeonghan slapped him, the guy held his cheek.

" ing ~."

He yanked the lad by his hair and slapped him hard enough to make a red mark right on that second, jeonghan trembled.

" Let me go you crazy ugly bastard." he struggled more, the guy smirked, slipped his hands inside that pants.

" I won't let you go, you'll be my slave from now on ~".

Jeonghan tried releasing from the hard h

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