looking for a friend or plot partner.


hi. this is my first time writing one of these, but i've been meaning to make one for a while. i'm someone who struggles with putting my characters out there and establishing relationships for them. obviously a little on the shy side. so this is kinda my last attempt at finding a writing buddy. mdni. nsfw.

ooc info:

age: 20+. 

pronouns: any.

tz: cst.

mun is black so please don't use aave with me in or out of character. i have zero tolerance for that if you are not an african american.

i write para/multi para and literate. 

in character, i usually write submissive!switch femme and queer characters with a feminine preference, though i really don't care about gender or gender identity so long as they have chemistry. hard/taboo and trauma based kinks. 


my go to face claims are wheein, seulgi, sua, and irene in terms of women.


the only thing i guess i'll note is that i write a dominant seulgi and wheein (i mostly write wheein being that i am more comfortable with her).


all other faces will more than likely be submissive unless stated otherwise. i like to write characters i'm more familiar with, but i can (attempt to) fc anyone you like. 


i like mamamoo (hwasa esp.), dc's siyeon, twice, aespa, red velvet, snsd, got7. but, again, i really don't care about a face. 


if you're interested in being friends, drop your contacts below? i'm active on twitter and discord. attempting to get back into the swing of things fully. we can game or have movie nights, whatever helps you get to know my characters better. i am also fine with being friends ooc, but i ask that you respect my boundaries and do not mix ic happenings with ooc ones. 


i also ask that if at any point things turn sour someway somehow, that you block and go. confrontation is a no go. thank you. :)

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