jasmine and roses (they remind me of you)



Kim Minjeong could taste faint bitter jasmine on the tip of her tongue. Flowers rapidly blossomed inside her chest, filling up her lungs and throat until she couldn’t breathe anymore as she stared at Yoo Jimin.


She was the sole reason why Minjeong was choking on jasmine and roses.



hi~ so this is a converted fic. its originally a jinjoo fic of mine titled jasmine & amaryllis but i thought that it will fit winrina a bit so yeah... im into jiminjeong again these days and im planning to write a story with them as the main ship but im pretty busy so i decided to convert another work of mine instead hmm hopefully ill manage to write it soon lolol anyway, im not seeing winrina hanahaki aus much... welp~


also, if you spot some mistakes/inaccuracies (since its a converted story, it can happen) please tell me so we can edit it lol i might've missed it.


without further ado, enjoy reading!


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