hey there, delilah — a graphic contest — final deadline 11/27

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hey there
a graphic contest

Hello, I haven't logged in AFF in ages and realized I have karma points that are rotting away LOL. What better way to get rid of them than a graphic contest? I haven't been seeing a lot of shops recently, but ideally, this sparks more of the community to design. Old or new graphic designers are welcome! Let's all inspire each other, yeah? :)

1. All works must be based off a category and prompt, which are listed below.

2. All works must be your own and specifically made for this contest (i.e. no old / existing story posters).

3. All works must have the prompt number + "entry for hey there, delilah" somewhere. You can alter this as you see fit, as long as it's obviously an entry for this contest.

4. There are no character specifics. You are free to use anybody you wish or even not add a person into your poster.

5. Ends on October 23 November 13, but you can ask for an extension if you need more time to complete your entry.

For any more questions or concerns, please ask in the comments.

— all entries must include any of the given words as the poster's title or main text. feel free to add more text, as long as the given word is present in your poster.

Prompt 1 
— falling
— wonderland
— promise
— animal
— hero

— all entries must be inspired by an existing piece of media (movies, tv shows, books, anime) except for fanfics. how you wish to use it in your poster (title, theme, quote, characters, etc.) is up to you.

Prompt 2
— anything goes for this one!

— all entries must be inspired by an existing album, concept, song or music video. how you wish to use it in your poster (title, theme, quote, characters, etc.) is up to you.

Prompt 3
— anything goes for this one!

— all entries must use animation. the words below are guides and you do not need to explicitly include them as text in the poster, but simply draw inspiration.

Prompt 4
— flickering
— shatter
— fade
— bloom
— burst


First impression: (overall first glance thoughts) [10]

Prompt Compatibility: (connection of the prompt to your entry) [60 total]
+ Usage of prompt: [30]
+ Photos or Textures: [30]

Typography: (usage of font, text visibility, style or colours, and placement) [30]

Bonus Points: (simply my own preferences as the judge) [20]

Total: 120/100

The judging will follow this rubric, but it won't be publicized except for the final score of the winners. I'm just letting you know for transparency. Designers may request for their breakdown once the results are out! :)

Notice that I didn't include "originality" or "creativity" in the scoring because I believe that art takes inspiration from other art (but of course, don't plagiarize or heavily copy something, I would know!) and everybody shows their creativity differently. 

If you are interested in donating more kps to the prize pool, please let me know! It'll give our talented designers more appreciation. Your username will also be listed as a sponsor.

There will be an overall winner with the highest score and separate winners per category, excluding the main winner's category, so I can give away karma fairly given the different prompts.

Category Winners (3): 1000kps
Overall Winner (1): 1500kps 

Bonus prizes may be given!


Please make a blogpost for each entry you will submit so the contest can get more attention! Include the banner and a link back to this main page. Comment the form below with the blog link. One entry per comment, please, so I can keep track.

You may enter twice per category.

Username: (or what you prefer to be called)

Graphic Link: (please make sure it's working url!)

Category: (title / media / music / animation)

— for 1: let me know the chosen word and how you used it for the poster
— for 2: let me know the movie or show you chose and how it inspired the poster
— for 3: let me know the song, lyrics, etc. you chose and how it inspired the poster
— for 4: let me know the chosen word and how it ties to the animation you used

Feel free to talk about what you wanted your graphic to represent (e.g. if it has a story, a message, a deeper theme, any personal meaning) but make sure it's still connected to the prompt.

I'm excited to see all your lovely works!

[LAST DEADLINE EXTENSION] Previously 11/13, now 11/27.
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