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from shu:
back with more entries since i really wanted to try my hand at finishing more of the prompts for the contest and since i had some more free time. both posters fall under the first category which focuses on using words (in my case, i went with falling and promise) in any way on the poster. click the respective words on the tab above to see it in full c: 

anyway !! i made the left poster first and initially wanted to make opposite styles using only the word "falling" but as i was making the other one, the word  "promise" felt like a better fit so i went with that in the end. i still tried to connect it in a way by using the same characters (txt's huening kai and jeon somi) as a sort of mini challenge for myself. the original title for the first one was "falling for you" but it felt a little plain so i played with kai's name (hue, read as hyu). i'm also just really glad i found matching photos for the second one.

i think the contest is ending soon (unless it extends) so i'm hoping to squeeze in one last entry so i can tick off all the prompts lmaoooo. 
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