Missing Him

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“Missing him this way is the hardest part of my life I never thought I would experience.”





As forensic scientists, both Kim Soomin and Byun Baekhyun have dedicated ten years of their lives helping solve crimes through their expertise in bloodstain pattern analysis. They simply clicked and became lovers due to their love for science and for having opposite personalities. Well, as people say, opposites attract and that’s what exactly happened to them.


They’re working for the Seoul City Police Department, along with their close friends Detective Park Chanyeol and Police Officer Oh Sehun.


The two adept scientists excel in their jobs.


Their salaries are enough for them to be able to save money and to survive.


Everything seems perfect.


Until one day, Soomin’s boyfriend has gone missing.


All her life, she has investigated spine chilling crime scenes but now, she is facing the hardest case of her life.


And there’s only one lead – a strange blood spatter in Baekhyun’s room that was discovered the night he disappeared.


Byun Baekhyun is missing.


“The psychopath named Do Kyungsoo is on the loose.” Chanyeol hisses. “Do you think it has something to do with Baekhyun’s disappearance?”


Oh Sehun rubs his forehead, distraught. “I don’t know… The notorious criminal named Kai is out on parole too… There are many criminals out there who despise Baekhyun for slaying in his job.”


“How many hours has it been since you last saw him?” The detective asks and Soomin wipes her tears before answering.


“Two hours.”


“Are we overreacting?” Sehun inquires.


“You know Baekhyun!” The woman exclaims. “He never goes out without my knowledge! He even informs me if he needs to go to the restroom! You know how clingy he is!”


“Right.” The police officer sighs.


“Besides,” Soomin  her dry lips. “How can we explain the strange splatter of blood I found in his room?”


“We need to inform the Superintendent.” Chanyeol proposes. “And urgently conduct a search and investigation.”


“There are many criminals who hate us for our job. We can’t waste our time in here.” Oh Sehun seconded.


Ultimately, everyone agreed.


Kim Soomin stares at Baekhyun’s picture displayed on the mini table. She reaches for it and plants a kiss on the small photo frame.


It has only been two hours without Baekhyun and she’s already missing him.



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