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Jessica feels particularly lonely tonight.


Taeyeon's been away for almost a week now.  Heck, it's far from the first time she's slept away from home.


That's right, home.  This is their home.  Thinking about it usually makes Jessica smile, how Taeyeon had conveniently brought a thing or two over to her place, then a few things more, until suddenly, she was its inhabitant just as much as Jessica was.  But now, Jessica can only stare blankly at the sky blue windbreaker Taeyeon left carelessly strewn over her dining room chair, wishing she was here instead.


Taeyeon was a professor of Fine Arts at Yonsei University.  All her life she'd felt as though her brain was straining against her skull, hurting almost, with thoughts and ideas she wished to share with the world.  But time and time again, the neural connections between her mind and , which were supposedly hardwired into every human being, betrayed her.  She never learned eloquence, never mastered social confidence.  This led her to clam up over time.  Others perceived her as serious, reserved, even slightly awkward, but through hard work and creative genius, she'd secured permanent tenure at Yonsei University as a Senior Professor at her young age.


Jessica, on the other hand, was the CEO of her own fashion agency.  They came from two separate worlds, Taeyeon and Jessica, and would've never met if not for one specific chance occurrence.  Yonsei University was hosting a career networking event for its senior students on campus, and one of Jessica’s directors convinced her it'd be a good idea to go down in person to speak to some modelling and design students.


Jessica went to the university, going above and beyond what she'd initially planned for.  She set up a booth and everything, and even managed to recruit a couple of interns for her company.


The campus reminded her of her college days, the late nights, the profound connections, the panicked studying.  She took a leisurely walk around, admiring how campus scenery in general seemed to have changed from the past; it was more vibrant, more inspiring, more romantic… she even envied the students a little.


It was there that Jessica met Taeyeon.  Quiet, introverted, and nerdy, but in a deathly cute way.  Taeyeon had always had a complex about her glasses; she thought she looked geeky with them on, always wanting to take them off in photos with Jessica or during formal events.  But Jessica insisted, till this day, that Taeyeon's glasses made her look a hundred, even a thousand, times more beautiful.


That’s the Taeyeon that Jessica knows.  They've been together for two years now.  Jessica knows Taeyeon's frustrations with herself; she knows she has trouble putting her thoughts into words.  But Taeyeon is also the sweetest, most thoughtful person to ever exist, at least in Jessica's world, and she hasn't met a single person that's come close to challenging that yet.  Jessica is Taeyeon’s first girlfriend; this is her first relationship, in fact.  Taeyeon stumbles often.  But Jessica doesn't rush her.  Taeyeon is awkward, but not anxious.  Jessica's patience tells her that there's no need to worry, that they have all the time in the world.  Sometimes Taeyeon gets red in the face because Jessica comes

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