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august graphics ; currently open for batch three with unlimited slots until closing. animated posters available! draft stories allowed with some rules. hope to see your request soon !! c:

august graphics
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batch three
hey, u!
welcome to august graphics ♡ 
this is the main designer, shu (they/them). i've been designing on aff for over 6 or 7 years with breaks in between. do i have a specific style? idk i think it changes a lot. feel free to browse my portfolio. i'm also a multifan with a lot of love for all groups c:
my portfolio can be found on chapter one

to see the list of requests, scroll to the left
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main rules
#1: credit the shop with a link back, usage of the banner is optional but highly prefered. if needed, please use they/them pronouns when referring to me.
#2:  use as main cover for at least one month. backgrounds are optional.
#3: comment when picking up your request or undrafting your story. further guidelines to avoid being blacklisted are below.

shop guidelines
— all graphics are free. upvotes appreciated! i won't take roleplays, contests are okay. any credits that don't use the right pronouns to refer to me will be counted as improper crediting and i will no longer give warnings since i've been very open about this matter, thank you. draft stories cost 150kp but that will be rece the story is published within one week. max of ten days to publish, use the poster, and credit properly before getting blacklisted from the shop, automatically. drafting your story after picking up for longer than 1 day also counts as violating the rules. if you need more time to pick up properly, feel free to let me know in advance.

request guidelines
— all requests already come with a background. choose between either a normal poster or an animated one (feel free to leave the choice up to me). author name can be different from username. please check everything for spelling errors. genres cannot be contradicting (e.g. romcom but angst). a better understanding of the story makes a better poster. no character limit, but understand that more faces might make it messier. no characters at all (just typography) also allowed. specifics can include hair colour, styles, original character faceclaims, etc. but there's no guarantee these will be followed. extras can include quotes, animation suggestions, or colour schemes. i'll ask questions if i need more information before accepting!
req form (scroll inside)
either comment below or send me a dm if you want to keep things private !! 

type: poster / animated poster
01 | author name(s)
02 | story title + link
03 | genre / au 
04 | short plot or plot points
05 | characters + specifics
00 | extras 
shop name
shop name
shop name
accepted requests
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updated privately ; current count = 0
october 16 - batch three open !
PLEASE READ: requests will take a longer time to finish (maybe around a week?) due to personal circumstances, you may still request but i'll get back to it later + current requests, please let me know if it's alright for you to wait a while or if you'd prefer to cancel your request, thank you c:
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