Player of the Game

Player of the Game

WARNING: Most of the content is being narrated by commentators






All of them had scored 100 more during this conference.”  the commentator 1 said



How can you stop them look at The wendy son as you can see on your screens open up the scoring.”




Looking up on the top scoring on the league today we can see Wendy Son on number 1, Kang on 8th and Moon on 10th”



“Moon on the left side while kang on the other side. Son on a traffic and flips it up in end! Son has been on fire since the start of this game and she is unstable as we all know she is” 


Son passes the ball to moon and moon shoots for three and she didn’t disappoint.”




“Kang passes the ball to Son their opponents are double teaming Son and Son looking out for a team mate to pass the ball she saw manoban on the ring side and monoban scored through dunk” 


Kim passes the ball to Son and Son scored again ba ba bang! Wendy Son with 18 scores in 1st quarter!”


“Kim will throw a 3 points and Ohhhh she got it! You can’t do anything on that there’s no defense on that” 


“Son is taking that pass from Kang and goes to the teardrop and gets the bounce oh and an incoming bonus free throw for Wendy.



“That is how intelligent she is, she give a break saw the open lay she saw the big women coming up to help and she foul it through it up."


"But Reve’s defense has been good there still help coming from the other team mate after she got through from the first primary defender."



a final 4 seconds of our 3rd frame you can expect a quick inbound and you have to watch Son she’s dangerous.”


“Oh that you are not young to fall you may get up that kind of a ball”


Son checked her knee and toes and it’s all good to continue on free throw.”


“Son rattles on that free throw”


“Son pitches it out and Kang in foot reach when Kang hits once again.” 

“And its ends the quarter”


“You know what is important is Reve to remain relevant in this conference”



Here we are on 4th quarter of the game”


“Reve has realized that they have a lot of scorers in this team especially the first line up here and you can’t just give it to one pointer you the ball have to move around. Its right that the ball is going to Manoban if you command a double team when you rotate the ball it’s more faster for them to score”


Kim back on the bench Shin Ryujin is back on the floor as we take a quick look at coach Kim Taeyeon on your screens the coach of reve” 


“Moon gives it up to Son, over the floor, ove the shin the floater.”

Manoban from straight away, keeps it in the corner, Moon Byul gives it a three” 


“Before the time it was a nice initial pass from Manoban” 

“Son for three oh it’s too powerful but Moon got it gives it again to Son and Son makes her way to the ring and she scores! Son Wendy ends the game”


That was a good game as we can she how Reve dominated Side on this game Side fought hard to get this win but Reve the defending champions of this conference didn’t let the side take their undefeated crown”


“As for our player of the game we all know she fought hard on this game let’s hear it from Irene Bae”



Yes, Thank you Leeteuk here with me now is our player of the game, Wendy Son, with 35 points, 10 rebounds 9 out the 18 field goals. Wendy congratulations, earlier I’ve talk to your coaches and they said thaht the key to the win today is a great individual defense. All throughout that game especially when you had second overtime evaluate your team’s performance on the defense” - Irene asked


While Irene is interviewing Wendy, seulgi went to the middle of the couple and made a heart sign that made the couple laugh



Ah we were super happy with the win but there are parts that we are not consistent with our defense and on basketball it’s all about defense that’s why our coach is looking for our consistency on defense but there are lots of things that we still need to learn and improve” a blushing wendy answers 




Right well from the very start to the very end it was a neck to neck battle but you still got the win. Wendy, what was the most challenging part for you in that moment and also in what moments that you feel most like a team” Irene asked



Actually the hardest part for me is I made a crucial it was a stupid turnover I made a offensive foul against the opponent. Coach Kim called me out and got scolded for that so on my mindset i need to make it up to the team and thank God I made it for the moments that I felt like that we’re a team even we had errors and being behind the scores we encourage each other and made everyone involved.” 




Now, Wendy recently you won the player of the week, today you are the player of the game and also it’s a career high for you in today’s match up. What do career milestones like this mean to you?” 



Actually this individual awards is just a bonus for me because our goal now is to be consistent that’s all we have to be consistent.”



All right, Wendy since you’re the player of the game do you have people who you want to greet and thank” 



Right. First I wanna thank God for this win and I wanted to say hi to my mom, my dad, my sister seunghee, my kid ji yeon and to my Lovely wife Irene.” And she kissed Irene on the cheeks


And this time it’s time for Irene to blush 


Haha alright that’s all for tonight thank you. Back to you Leeteuk and Heechul”



After the game and taking a shower. Irene went to the team’s room to fetch her wife Wendy. 



Hey, gorgeous!” Wendy greeted 



Complimenting yourself?” T’was irene’s turn



I’m talking about my wife cause she looks extra beautiful today” wendy answered 



Geez. Get a room guys. Go home and do it on your room” Wendy’s bestfriend Kang Seulgi teases 



Shut up, Kang you’re just being envious” wendy fires back



You know what… you’re right. Going home to sooyoung now. Bye love birds.” As seulgi bids her good bye to the couple




You did so good today love” Irene compliments 



“I did my very very best today.  Well, thanks to you because I wanted to impress you.” Wendy answered 




You don’t need to do that because you had me since day 1” that’s Irene



That’s— you’re amazing. I love you. All because of you mylove but when did you learn to be cheesy?” 



I learned from the best named Wendy Son. Kidding aside I’m so flattered to be your inspiration and you look hot in there those smugs and shouts, it’s— hot. I wanna hear those again— on our bed” Irene whisper 



That would be my pleasure” wendy replied




Irene felt her phone beeps

Well as much as I wanted to hear and see those we can’t do it tonight because your little fan is waiting for her player of the game” Irene she as she close her phone



Too bad. No reward for me tonight” Wendy said in a very frustrating tone



And the couple goes home to their lovely child.

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