yeehaw! lf : hot girl summer (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


hey you! yes. you! where have you been ?? ??? (\_{‘-‘}_/)

lf : friends in exchange for a safe space & mutual respect and trust with lots of pinky promises ><



this is my first time putting up any ad so :fingerscrossed: pls don't let it flop!

maybe some of my fl friends are seeing this very familiar aff user, yes its me briella ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و♡ took me awhile to gather d courage for this huhu

im here in search to expand my friend circle as I'm very bored and need people to bother!

if you're up to this wonderful friendship, please drop me a dm on my twitter @briellaberry or dm this acc for my discord? hehe

please lmk your name and pronouns, and mayhaps give me a heads up if you're a fellow babie? (minor)

here's more about me!

im oa, mostly sfw as i wanna provide a safe space for everyone including the babies (minors), but i can get p nfsw as well, especially with jokes and memes slapped-

i only faceclaim women (if that matters to you) but hey! whoever you fc doesn't matter to me!

my main fcs on fl is a douyin star ranran or everglow's yiren, itzy's chaery, and more to be updated? but I'm p flexible huhu

i loooove making people's day, and listening to people talk or speak their mind with a non-opinionated and non-judgemental pov<3 

ion like drama or gossip, i tend to stay away,, however if you wanna rant to me, go ahead!! i will try my very best to lift up your mood regardless!!

i don't game but i don't mind watching you and supporting you from the sidelines >< or you could teach me-

a vErY big fan of kaomojis !!!


- anyone of any age, gender, uality, pronouns, race, country and faceclaims!

- all are welcomed and loved<33

i provide:

- a chatterbox, me

- wake up and goodnight texts!

- occasional soft and encouraging texts

- a cheerleader for your games, i will watch you o w o

- a movie/documentary partner teehee, i loooove sci-fi, thriller and apocalyptic movies!! zOmbiEs rawrrr

- i will make playlists for you :3

- how about video edits and doodled matching profile pics?

- pinky promises ?

- i will literally give ya everything nnckekcmlka 


this isn't an ad for an oomf im sowwy :c

well- im not looking for one at the moment, im very uh- im looking for chemistry and personality match ig! so i plan to wait on that heh,

but if you think u can match up with my energy, please feel free to befriend me !! 


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