Perfectly Dangerous

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Kai seek help from the infamous group of vigilantes to get his revenge. His gang members died together with their founder, Kangta. At first, he just wanted to live normally but he happened to ruin the operation of the vigilantes by meddling in their designated plan. The next thing he knew, he was held captive by them.

Artemis, is the name of the famous vigilantes group in the underworld society. Lead by their so-called Queen, Kang Seulgi. The brain, the planner and the most important piece. Government begged them just to kill any high profile criminals out there, but of course, there's always a price.

"Please, help me." He desperately beg.

"What would I get in return?" The lady stares blankly at him.

"I'll offer my life."

Hi!! Do check out my new story, it was already done btw, I'm just gonna put it here so that you my readers can enjoy reading a new set of spin off. It was entitled Fixed Romance, now that our dear Seulgi was gearing of for her debut might as well enjoy another SeulKai special. Thank you!


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bluejin #1
Chapter 17: this is more interesting than i thought
Chapter 16: Authornimmmmm i hope you update this since seulkai just had a collab stage😭😭😭 a miracle in december indeed
Readerseul #3
Chapter 16: Jinjjaaaa!! huhuhu seulkai endgame pleaseeee, don't kill himmm authornimm
Chapter 14: I just read this story and its so interesting and funny. Hope you’ll update soon!
Chapter 11: No jokes tho i thought taeyong is seulgi lover turned out he's her twin brother now it's even more sad 😭😭😭😭 the last 3 chapter already a whole roller coaster idk what's the next chapter gonna be, should prepare myself for everything 😢
candypark #6
Chapter 11: Woah, I thought Taeyong is Seulgi's partner or lover, but it turns out he's her twin brother! I like the development tho, and thank you for the triple updates :)
Chapter 8: What a whole roller coaster asfsgsjjs still curious like did kai and taeyong know each other and how the hell taeyong ended up on that state hhhhhh
candypark #8
Chapter 7: double update!! Hmmm, I'm curious about Kai-Taeyong's relation too, like did Taeyong knew Kai personally so he rushed himself to help the Orion? Well, I think Seulgi will help him cause she is also curious and wants to capture the one who made Taeyong like this... we'll see
candypark #9
Chapter 5: So, they actually knew each other? damn! I'm looking forward to this story, keep it up!
candypark #10
Chapter 2: Enjoying this kind of mafia au a lot! This is already exciting :)