Wakusei,  It's Finally Over... Thank you.



01. Wakusei is a closed, College Dorm themed Non-AU Discord roleplay. We will send you the invitation link in private message. 02. Please do not invite or share link of our server to outsiders or bots without the permission of the RAs (admin team). 03. Your username does not matter but please refrain from using your fl/ooc name as your tag during your stay in Wakusei. Your profile picture must also be of your faceclaim. 04. Face and/or otp-chasing is strictly banned. This also goes for selective replies, cliques, racial slurs, triggering topics and anything that could cause discomfort to other students, are not allowed in any channel of our server. Violation of this rule will lead to heavy warning or kick-out from our RAs. 05. You will be considered as students due to our theme, but plotting and full literacy are not obligated as we are a Non-AU. 06. Activity will be measured via the MEE6 bot. You are obligated reach level 1 in the first 24 hours upon arrival and you must be above a certain server rank to be considered active. More information about this will be provided in the server. Inactivity will lead to kick-out. 07. Love whoever you want. All relationships are welcomed. However, new relationships are only allowed 3 days after both parties have reached at least level 2 in the server. Move-in couples are exempted from this rule. 08. Temporary character change will only last to 24 hours or ends when the faceclaim has been reserved. What is your favorite season? This is a PG-16 roleplay. Please act accordingly and make sure to keep mature content in private. 09. You can reach out to the RAs if you wish to leave or have any issues. Please let us know before you leave the server. 10. Have fun and be kind to one another!
01. Kindly check the masterlist before commenting below your desired faceclaim. You are also encouraged to check our wishlist if you have difficulty deciding. 02. Please include your group, idol name, and timezone, along with the password in your reservation. 03. You may reserve for two people including yourself. 04. You will receive the invitation link though pm so please check your privacy settings beforehand. You are required to join the server within 24 hours after link is sent. 05. You may start interacting in our common room after you receive your roles.
group. admin reserved00 taken
aespa. karina winter ningning giselle
astro. eunwoo
ateez. wooyoung san
blackpink. jennie rose
cravity. jungmo
dia. chaeyeon
dreamcatcher. gahyeon
enhypen. jay sunghoon jake sunoo
g-idle. miyeon
itzy. ryujin
kard. bm
loona. choerry
nct. doyoung jaehyun jeno
red velvet. joy yeri
seventeen. mingyu wonwoo
sf9. rowoon
tbz. sunwoo juyeon younghoon hyunjae chanhee haknyeon changmin
txt. yeonjun beomgyu
solo. wonho minju yerin sunmi
karina. you, you, and you!
doyoung. more nct
giselle. more itzy
winter. her loona gfs
joy. candice
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