Konoha,  CLOSED! Congratulations Chunins!


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5 days pop-up, Non-au. Naruto themed roleplay.
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Hidden Leaf Village.
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RULES @konoharules • 1h
ONE. Subscribing to the thread is mandatory. Strictly one account per head. TWO. Konoha is a closed rp. Interacting with outsiders is prohibited. THREE. Selective replies, facechasing and personal dramas are not tolerated. Be friendly and welcoming to everyone. FOUR. Love wins! FIVE. Keep mature content in private and off tl. SIX. Only accepting celebrities active in the Korean entertainment industry. We will not be accepting deceased idols, those who have explicitly asked not to be fced, and those involved in serious scandals. pw is your fav naruto character. SEVEN. Inactivity of one day results in removal from the rp. EIGHT. TCCs are unlimited and lasts up to 24 hours only.
HOW TO JOIN @konohahtj • 1h
ONE. Check the masterlist for your desired fc. TWO. Comment down below with the following: group name + idol + timezone + password.  THREE. Once accepted, you have 24 hours to create your account. FOUR. Username format: nameknh / knhname. No underscores and initials. Put Konoha somewhere in your profile. FIVE. Mention base upon arrival. Once verified, follow everyone. SIX. Required tc is 50 tweets. SEVEN. lastly, enjoy!
MASTERLIST @konohamasterlist • 1h
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aespa: ningning karina winter
astro: eunwoo
ateez: san wooyoung
cix: jinyoung
dreamnote: youi
enhyphen: sunghoon jungwon
everglow: sihyeon
fromis_9: jiwon
f(x): krystal

itzy: chaeryeong yeji ryujin30
loona: choerry kimlip hyunjin olivia gowon
momoland: ahin
nct: mark yuta jaemin haechan johnny jaehyun doyoung29

seventeen: mingyu
stray kids: minho felix
the boyz: juyeon younghoon changmin sunwoo new
txt: soobin hueningkai beomgyu yeonjun
WISHLIST @konohawish • 1h
name: wish upon a star
name: wish upon the moon
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Despite getting s worded, feel free to come back with your new accounts! Just follow and mention @konohabase! Thank You!
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