First Monday

Mondays with Minju
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Eunbi's word caught Chaewon's attention 




Eunbi heaves a deep sigh contemplating if she should talk about Minju's condition with someone like Chaewon, it wasn't her place to talk about it anyways but Chaewon's persistence is pushing her to her limits. 


"You're kidding right? I know this trick! I've done this with the girls I dated before. Nice one Eunbi but that won't work on me." Chaewon rambles not believing what she heard. 


"I wish I was kidding… but no. Minju has short term memory loss, her memories only last for a day—." 


"I know what that is." Chaewon cuts Eunbi off. She knew what Goldfield syndrome was, using it whenever she had to run away from her flings 



"Good! Now kindly off and play with other girls" Eunbi spats out. There was a small glint of pain present on Chaewon's eyes as she heard what the person whom she treated as family said. She remained silent, her head looking down as she tried to hide her tears that were threatening to fall. 







"That girl… the girl you were talking about the other day has gatorade amnesia?" Yena pursed her duck-like lips while kicking the pebbles that were scattered all over Sokcho beach's fine sand. 


" Anterograde amnesia, moron." Chaewon corrects Yena , her eyes fixated on the serene waves of the beach, thinking of a certain brunette. That brunette being Minju, who hasn't left her mind ever since her talk with Eunbi yesterday. Even if she was a doctor, Chaewon hadn't expected to have an encounter with someone who has Anterograde amnesia or Goldfield Syndrome. Chaewon had thought that those kinds of things only existed on documentaries she used to watch back then in college.


"What was that again?" Yena asked curiously. Yena wasn't the nosey type of friend. However, she can't help but be curious about the girl that has been on Chaewon's mind since yesterday. Yena has been friends with Chaewon for years and never have she seen the latter this serious over a girl. 


"She's unable to make new memories. Whatever happens today… she'll eventually forget about it the next day." 


Yena stands up from the tumbona, smiling widely at Chaewon who's still staring at the beach, not minding how Yena was smiling like a fool. 


"Then she's the perfect girl for you!" Yena exclaims before doing a little victory dance. 


Chaewon's calm expression turned to a sour one upon hearing Yena. "What?!" She asks, whipping her head towards her friend who still has a foolishly wide smile plastered on her face. 


"You can flirt with her, hook up or whatever you want, no attachment because—" 


"She wouldn't remember anything…" Chaewon didn't let Yena finish what she was saying. Chaewon knew Yena like the back of her hand. 




"That's far from perfect!" Chaewon grimaced at the thought of her taking advantage of Minju's condition. Yes, she's known for playing with girls' hearts yet she still knew her limits and taking advantage of a girl's condition for her own needs was beyond her limits. That was just pure evil. 


"It is perfect! Think about it, you meet each other, hang out, flirt, no commitment and the best part? Nobody gets hurt. It's a win-win situation, don't you think?" 


Chaewon wonders for a moment, what the hell goes on inside Yena's head for her to think about ideas like these? 


"You're insane." No, Chaewon wasn't that desperate to get a girl. She wouldn't dare do such thing, specially when Eunbi and Sakura are out there, ready to stab her with sharp katanas if ever she does something stupid to Minju. 


"Insanely smart." Yena proudly replies as she places her right hand on her chest. 


"No, insanely stupid." Chaewon pauses for a while, picking her can of beer as she chugs the alcoholic drink in one go. "She's got brain damage, you fool." Chaewon continues, shaking her head in disagreement from everything Yena has said. 


"I'll give you that one… but it's also a chance you know?" 


"A chance?" 


"A chance to make her feel less lonely…" 


"And why would I do that?" 


"Because you're interested in her, it's obvious doc." 


Chaewon ponders over Yena's last statement. None of her past flings has ever piqued her interest this same way. Yena is right, she really does find Minju interesting… amusing even. It wasn't because of her Goldfield Syndrome that Chaewon found the brunette interesting, it was something more but she can't seem to pinpoint what it is. 





"What are you doing here?" Chaewon had just entered the café when an enraged japanese popped out of the counter. She may have to face the wrath of Sakura once again. 


"Visiting her." Chaewon points at Minju who is sitting at her usual table at the corner of the café, far from the other customers. Sakura follows the direction of Chaewon's fingers, her brows furrowing as she sees Chaewon pointing at Minju. 


"Didn't Eunbi tell you about her condition?" Sakura whispers, making sure that it was only Chaewon who could hear her. 


Chaewon nods her head up and down and reaches for her pocket, pulling out a steam gift card. The japanese woman's eyes glimmered at the sight of her beloved steam gift card that she can use for her games. 


"Say, I give you this and you let me talk to Minju? Good deal?" Chaewon nearly shoves the gift card on Sakura's face who now has wide agape. 


Sakura snatches the card from Chaewon's grasp, kissing it numerous times before keeping it inside of her apron's pocket. It was Sakura's turn to nod her head up and down with a smile as if she didn't almost kill Chaewon with a katana the other day. 


"Just make sure to yeet your off before Eunbi comes." And with that, Chaewon excitedly skips over to Minju's table...too excitedly as she fails to see the wet floor signage causing her to slip, catching the attention of some customers who eyed her weirdly. However, Chaewon also caught the attention of one girl in particular which also happens to be the reason why she is here inside Eunbi's café instead of her clinic. 


Chaewon's cat-like eyes met Minju's fox-like one's as a blush slowly crept onto the older's face because of embarrassment. Minju then walks over to

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