Mondays with Minju
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[sorry for the curses in advance :^] 


"So what do you think of Seo Soojin?" Yena asks while munching on her pancakes. 


"Too much of a tsundere." 


"Hmm how about this! Chou Tzuyu?" 


"Meh too quiet." 


"Aight, Jeon Heejin?" 


"Not my type." 


"What about…Choi Jisu—what the Kim Chaewon? What is my cousin doing here?!" Yena furiously drops her pancake and proceeds to headlock Chaewon. They were flipping thru Chaewon's list of past flings and one night stands when Yena saw her cousin's name. 


"Let go of me er!" Chaewon shouts in pain, the lack of air making her face red. 


"I will ing kill you!" 


"What's the commotion—Yena oh my god keep going honey!" Hyewon excitedly claps her hand as she takes her phone out of her pocket, filming Chaewon who is about to pass out. 


" you two!" 


"Did you hit on my cousin? Yes or no?" 


"Fine, fine. I'll explain. Now let me go!" 


Yena lets go of the fuming Chaewon who is now throwing death glares at both Yena and Hyewon. 


"It was a one time thing, okay? We ended up on good terms so calm the down will you?" Chaewon then straightens her clothes. Her fling with Yena's cousin, Lia was more of a friends with benefits type of relationship. Commitment wasn't for them and they both knew it, thus, ending their relationship on good terms. Unlike Chaewon's other flings where she had to make absurd alibis such as her being a secret agent or her having to migrate to another company and many more, just for her past flings to let her off the hook. Chaewon wasn't scared of commitment, she was afraid of being committed to the wrong person. So many what ifs clouding her mind every time she thinks about it. 


In their 10 years of friendship, Yena had witnessed how Chaewon would leave girls heart broken. "Same old you." she sighs, her friend will never change eh? 


"Don't you think it's time for you to settle?" Hyewon asks from beside Chaewon. 


"No." Chaewon answers shortly, whilst drizzling chocolate syrup on her mint choco sundae. "And bold of you to ask that when you can't even propose to Eunbi." she adds. Hyewon rolls her eyes at Chaewon's answer, although she isn't going to deny that the latter's statement was true. 


"Chaewon is right. She isn't ready to settle yet because she hasn't found the woman of her dreams yet." Yena says, patting Chaewon's shoulder. 


"Psh cringe." 


They continued with their endless bickering when Chaewon's phone lit up. 


"I'll go ahead." Chaewon says upon seeing the caller id. Her two friends just nods in response, knowing all too well that it was one of Chaewon's girls calling. 


"Karla?" Chaewon asks as she leaves the diner. 


She hears someone scoff on the other line. "It's Karina." Hearing the girl's voice, Chaewon was very sure that the girl named Karina was now annoyed. 


"Oh! May I help you?" 


"C'mon Chaewon, don't you miss me?" 


"Chaewon? Who?" Chaewon makes her voice deeper. This girl she met over a week ago has been bothering her for days and she's had enough of it. 


"Kim Chaewon. The one who toured me around Sokcho?" 


"Sorry, wrong number goodbye." The distressed pediatrician quickly ends their call, not wanting to prolong her conversation with the Karina girl. Chaewon didn't get to properly bid her goodbye to Karina when the girl confessed her love for Chaewon. Of course, Chaewon freaked out. Why would someone fall in love with a person they just recently met? 





"Annyeong Minju!" Minju is greeted by a smiling Sakura at the counter of Siempre Como Domingo. 


"Annyeong Sakura!" Minju greets back, bowing her head. She goes straight to the counter, ordering her usual breakfast. 


"A plate of Kimbap?" 


"Yes! Oh and an iced americano as well." Minju smiles from ear to ear. 


Sakura on the other hand shakes her head disapprovingly at Minju's poor choice of breakfast. Seriously? Kimbap and Iced americano as a combo for breakfast? "Weird choice but this is noted Minju. Why don't you go take a seat?" 


"I will! Thank you Sakura!" Minju skips to her favorite spot at the café with her sweet smile still plastered on her face. 


The table by the window was her favorite spot , it was by the corner of the café, far from people's eyes. It was quiet and peaceful there , Minju liked it that way though it may still get a little lonely at times. The marvelous view of the beach does make up for the loneliness, splashes of water being Minju's sole companion. 


"A plate of Kimbap and Iced americano for Minju~" Eun

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