This is a spin-off from a story I started but never finished, years ago, called Heavyweight.
The main character in that story is named Mason, while her love interest is Wonho (formerly in MonstaX).
In this story, however, the main character is Nichole, Mason's younger sister.

The two stories intertwine as Mason goes to South Korea in 2009 for a graduation present and unexpectedly decides to stay to be with her boyfriend that has begun life as a trainee (this story has not been published on this site yet, but it is a prequel, called Lightweight, to Heavyweight).
Nichole and their mom have to make a last-minute trip to South Korea from Georgia (America) to help Mason get acclimated with living arrangements and a job before it's time for Nichole to go back to school in the fall.
Nichole spends only one month in South Korea, but in that time her whole life will change, forever.


This will be one of many stories in my series, "-less".
This is the first, "Homeless".


I am in a Jay B phase.




Author's Note: I also want to note that this story starts in 2009 and will travel to present-day over the course of the series. So all the characters will look as they physically did during that time of whichever year the story is set. As the story progresses, so will the way the characters look in appearance.

So, enjoy a little pre-debut Jaebeom.



It goes without saying that this story is completely fictional, but, a lot to this story is also non-fictional and is coming from my personal experience haven traveled to South Korea a few times, staying a month each time. I am not a person that can solely write from imagination, there has to be some truth to it. So, like with Heavyweight, there is a lot of my own personal experience in this story.








"Freaking alone... Freaking alone, and homeless in South Korea..." Nichole said, kicking a rock on the rooftop, head dangling down in defeat.


Nichole's phone chirped. She reluctantly pulled the phone out of her back pocket. She didn't want to answer it, but she figured it might be her mom. She saw Jaebeom's photo in the notification. She glanced at him, standing nearby to her side, he had his phone in his hand, looking down, only bringing his eyes up to meet her gaze. Nichole swallowed and looked back down at her phone. She shakenly clicked the notification to read the message:



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