le petite studio; jay's trash bin

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aka jay's trash bin.
le petite studio.
about jay
I'm a student who's willing to do anything except stu(dying), that's why I started writing fanfic. But sometimes the creativity of writing fic is down to zero and again, I still don't want to  go back to study — that's how I found myself on editing apps and making posters.
1. I like to make posters for fun — but only when I'm inspired.
2. I am not a graphics related student nor had been in any courses. I literally just learned how to do so on Youtube and played around while praying that my poor PC won't crashed down.
3. I made bunch of posters and I think it's a good idea to put it up in a studio / gallery?? Behehe
4. I'll also be making random posters at a random time. They aren't for any stories but if you come across and it surprisingly matches your story, you can adopt them. I will post one from time to time, and it will be in the chapter labeled [FP]
▷ This is not a graphics shop. But if you're in need of poster and there won't be any shops available at the moment, you can try filling a request.
▷ But again, this is not a graphic shop — I might or might not be able to fulfill your requests since I can only do a certain style posters and genres — and I have a life outside?? xD
▷ Karma points isn't required but would highly appreciated if you donated some after receiving the poster. :D
1. The story must be published.
2. Use my poster for at least 2 weeks before changing.
3. Leave credits on the forward page if you're using my poster. Just a mention is fine.
4. Be reminded that I'm not going to accept all request.
5. Please be patient
6. Comment + Upvote are highly apreciated. 
How to request
▷ Read the rules first
▷ Brief me your story's details;
  ▸ Descriptions (please be specific)
  ▸ Main genres
  ▸ Parings (If OC, please name a face claimed)
▷ Please keep the character only 2 characters if possible.
my style
• I can only do romance theme posters — maybe a little bit of anything light, fluff, romcom...etc.
Very bad at blending and more than 2 characters posters.
•  I don't even want to try dark and fantasy theme LOL and I can't do manips for fk sake. 
Please look at my works for references.
My works
These are the posters I've made so far. Yep, all of them are Jaehyun.
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[petite studio]; and ofc... i’d do everything, except studying and writing a chapter of my fic
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