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blame it all on human nature
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blame it all on human nature














i’ll take my time

i’m not the forward thinker

you read my mind

better to leave it unsaid

why can’t i leave it unsaid?

you know i talk too much

honey, come put your lips on mine

and shut me up


talk too much; coin





“When did you think you two really hit it off?”


“What are you doing?!”


“Just the thought of it makes them happy!”


aka 4 times minjeong faked being asleep to steal a kiss from jimin + 1 time minjeong was awake and the kiss wasn’t stolen








There is no way she’s actually considering doing it.


Stupid dare.


It’s Minjeong’s first day of training but because her contract signing exceeded the usual time, she has two hours to kill before she’s introduced to the other trainees who already started their day. As if noticing her hesitation from miles away, Minjeong’s phone buzzed in her hand.


She-Devil 😈[9:32 AM]

My spidey senses are tingling

I know you’re about to chicken out


Minjeong glares at her cousin’s text, the idea of leaving her on read tempting.


She-Devil 😈[9:33 AM]

You owe me a month’s worth of donuts


Chicken Little 🍼 [9:33 AM]

Yo chill

Just finished signing


She-Devil 😈[9:34 AM]



She waits until the three dots stop jumping and when nothing more comes from her cousin, Minjeong feels both disappointment and relief.


“Hoooo-boy,” she sighs out, fanning her shirt, before making her way to a corner of the room.


You can stay here, Minjeong repeats the staff’s voice inside her head, none of the current groups go to this wing so you won’t have to worry about running into anyone before you’re introduced.


She repeats it inside her mind, sinking on the floor in between something warm and the wall.


Now, all she needs to do is wait and hope it’s over quickly.




Jimin squints.


Is that… a person?


Cautiously, she inches closer to the strange shadow sandwiched between the heater and the wall. The white tips of converse shoes are peeking, Jimin cursing herself for taking out her contact lenses earlier, needing to be closer to check that yup, that’s a person.


They seem to be asleep, head covered in between crossed arms resting at the top of folded legs. It’s like a person turned into a ball and Jimin’s mildly impressed. And cold, too, judging by the random shivering.


Maybe they’re a staff’s kid?


Slowly as to not make too much noise, Jimin carefully unwraps her hoodie from her waist, carefully spreading it with both hands before slowly lowering it on top of the small frame. She has to reach a little further, now kneeling on the cold floor to better secure the hoodie, and then she feels it.


Something soft.


“Jimin-ah! We need to go!”


When Jimin startles away, landing heavily on the floor, the person’s face is once again tucked in between crossed arms.




She cradles her left cheek all the way in such an obvious way that her fellow trainee asked what happened. Jimin shakes her head but she was certain that she just felt a pair of lips on them.




Jimin can’t believe her eyes.


The moment she stepped inside the practice room after running an errand to the other side of the building, she could recognize the figure squatting on the floor, both legs pressed tightly together, and Jimin’s hoodie swallowing her whole frame.


Jimin’s always preferred to go a size up on her hoodies but on the smaller girl, it seems like she can squeeze another person in there.


God, she’s tiny.


“Hi,” Jimin steps forward, resisting the urge to coo when the girl looks up at her with round, wide eyes. She reaches her hand out, helping her stand up. She’s even got sweater paws! “I’m Yoo Jimin.”


The girl bows, not breaking eye contact with Jimin. “Kim Minjeong.”


Her voice is soft and tiny and oh.




Jimin blinks.


“You kissed me earlier.”


“It was a dare!”




She-Devil 😈[8:12 PM]

Who was it?

Please tell me it was someone from Red Velvet


[Read 8:13 PM]


She-Devil 😈[8:15 PM]


I see how it is

It’s not a staff, is it?

Because that’d be awkward

When I dared you to kiss someone random on your first day

Idk why I assumed that every one you’ll meet there is a celebrity

, I forgot about the other people

Sorry Minjeongie TT

I take it back, you don’t have to do it


Chicken Little 🍼 [8:43 PM]

I did it

But uh

When you say a celebrity…

Does a former ulzzang count?


She-Devil 😈[8:48 PM]


OH MY GOD?????

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