Winter Heat


Without anything to do during the blizzard, Jeno just wants to pamper his lover with cuddles and kisses.

Some random domestic fluff featuring NoRen. I at summaries so enjoy!

Mute! Renjun, Office Worker! Jeno


“I hope the weather will be better after a couple of days.” Jeno whined. Renjun squirmed from his grip and turned around, now facing him, his whole body blocking the view of the television. Jeno rose his eyebrows and patted Renjun's arm. He was still cold but his cheeks were bright red. “Babe, is there something wrong?”

Renjun gently shook his head, his lips slightly agape. He started to gesture something. ‘The thing is…’ He paused for a bit, hesitating. Jeno just nodded and urged him to continue. Renjun blushed harder. ‘I-I don’t want the snowstorm to stop.’

“Why is that? But look at you, you’re freezing cold!” Jeno wrapped his arms around Renjun’s waist. The older seemed surprised so he smacked his husband's chest. ‘… It’s not because I’m liking the weather.’ He tried to glare but he saw his lover pouting. He made a ‘sorry’ gesture and started to gently rub the area where he punched him.


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