ten years and counting, to forever

ten years and counting


Alternate Story of Ten Years and Counting; Wherein, Kim Minjoo is not a coward, can take a risk, and can’t handle seeing her Ahn Yujin hurt.



December 02, 2019


“What will happen to us, unnie?” Yujin asked, breathless and Minjoo could feel the burden and too much anxiety from the tone itself the younger woman used. The older one felt bad, tugging Yujin closer to her and pulled her for a warm, comforting hug.


Yujin wanted to cry but she didn’t want to worry Minjoo, and she was a big girl now, a woman — she shouldn’t cry anymore. It would make everything worse too, she knew Minjoo was also feeling bad and anxious about the recent happenings so she should comfort her instead, however, as expected — the older woman took care of her, not the other way around.


“Who knows? I have faith,” Minjoo whispered, her hair as she pressed a light kiss on top of her forehead, also rubbing her chin softly. “This won’t be the end of us, of IZ*ONE.” She softly added, fixing Yujin’s beanie and jacket, trying to warm her up as much as she could.


They were currently in their ‘favorite place’, the same place where Minjoo took her before they officially debuted. It was not the second time they went here together, probably, the tenth time throughout because they already call this place their safe haven. It’s the middle of the winter, but it didn’t stop them from going there.


The dorms were gloomy, the members were trying to put up a strong act and trying to comfort one another and Yujin didn’t want them to see her being vulnerable like this once again, that was why she asked Minjoo if they could go to their place. Without hesitating, Minjoo agreed after throwing a lot of jackets for her to wear.


Until now, Minjoo was the only person who could see this side of her because she couldn’t simply lie to her, and the older woman could literally read her like an open book.


Yujin bit her lower lip, nibbling on it anxiously as negative thoughts filled up her mind. She was never the pessimistic type but seeing how everything was going for the group, she couldn’t help but to think something bad. Thankfully, she got the girls, she got Minjoo — to always reassure her. If everyone is just too selfish then Yujin probably lost her mind already.


“Let’s talk about other things instead,” Minjoo waved off the topic, they’ve been talking about it ever since and she was getting sick of it, but she had faith, she was confident.


She reached for Yujin’s cold hand, intertwining their fingers together before bringing it up near her lips, gently blowing on it to help them warm up.


The gesture caught Yujin off guard, but she let Minjoo — she could feel her cheeks flaring as she watched the older woman repeatedly do that until her hand started to get warm. She then reached for the other one and did the same thing.


Minjoo’s warm breath hitting her skin made Yujin extremely shiver, rather shivering because of the cold. The taller girl knew that the older one was a sweet person, someone who was very thoughtful of others. She took care of Yujin very well, and the other members too, of course.


It was bad for Yujin’s health and heart.


She knew, she knew very well that Minjoo was just acting like a reliable sister, a thoughtful yet good friend. That was just what Minjoo was, but to Yujin — she was more than a friend. She was never a friend, she couldn’t see Minjoo as a friend nor sister.


Yujin just simply couldn’t, and it was haunting her.


She thought of it a lot of times, countless nights when she was supposed to be sleeping and resting after their hectic schedule was wasted because of Minjoo, and her feelings for the older girl.


Believe her, she tried, god damn — she ing tried her best to stop these feelings from growing but she failed to do so. She was so frustrated with herself because she couldn’t. How the hell is she going to stop these feelings when Minjoo is just that wonderful and charming?


Even if she tried hard, she would fail eventually—just one smile from Kim Minjoo made her feel so weak already, she just wanted to kneel and worship her.


At the start, Yujin just shrugged it off because it was so stupid, maybe she just idolized and looked up to the older woman that much, a sisterly love. She thought she was envious of her beauty, kindness, hardworking nature, and all. Maybe she just felt attached because they were getting closer.


There was absolutely no way that Yujin would like girls. It’s a sin, as she would like to believe.


But then, soon, when she learned much about Minjoo and spent a lot of time with her — she realized something. She never felt this way before to anyone, even Wonyoung, who she already knew from the very beginning.


She asked Eunbi about that, the leader after all, was experienced about stuff like this but Yujin never said any specific gender or name, just a situation and her thoughts. She needed help, she’s inexperienced, she was confused so to enlighten herself, she asked out of desperation because her thoughts were killing her.


“You like them, Yujin. Don’t be surprised, it’s normal. Sometimes, we can’t control our feelings, our heart — even if you don’t intend to like that person nor insist to yourself that you will never like them, you might still catch feelings because that’s how it is,” Eunbi’s words would play on her mind, Yujin could still remember the motherly smile their leader gave to her.


“Remember, Yujin-ah. Things might not go well all the time. Feelings can’t always be reciprocated. I know I shouldn’t be a little bit harsh on you, but this is the reality, Yujin. Please, take care of your heart.” Yujin can vividly remember how the older woman’s eyes had a sad glint in it when she said that. “You’re growing up now, I’m so proud of you. Unnie is always here if you need someone to talk to.”


Yujin, after that, finally accepted this. At first, she was so disgusted because she fell in love with a woman, a close friend, a bandmate — how worse could it go? But then, after collecting her thoughts, she realized that nothing is wrong with liking Kim Minjoo — she’s a likeable woman, she got it all, the epitome of perfection. Who wouldn’t love her?


It’s just a phase, Yujin tried to insist to herself but in the end, she only failed herself and just kept falling deeper and deeper each day to this woman beside her. Absolute madness.


But what could she do? It was not like she wanted this to happen either. She couldn’t expect anything, she would never. Minjoo was too good to be true, there was no chance that the feelings were mutual, so she just let it be. That was how it is.


“Unnie,” Yujin quietly called for the older woman who was busy warming her hand, and gulped when Minjoo tilted her chin up to meet gazes with her. Those god damn eyes and gaze, Yujin was so weak.


Minjoo pursed her lips, noticing something. “There’s something bothering you, Yujin,” She said, and the said woman became tense. “And it’s not about the group.” Added her and sat up straight, looking serious which made Yujin panic for a bit.


This was what Yujin means whenever she says that Minjoo could read her like an open book, the younger couldn’t lie to her either. She was terrified she might spill her deepest secret because of the fact she couldn’t lie to Minjoo, the secrets she would love to keep to herself until her last breath.


To be frank, Minjoo was never someone who easily judges people and was a very open person but Yujin wouldn’t take the risk. Even so, it involved Minjoo herself so she would never attempt, there was just no way.


“Yujin, didn’t we tell each other that we’ll share everything that worries us?” Minjoo reminded her which made the younger girl gulp, feeling tense and shrink under her gaze.


Averting her gaze almost immediately, Yujin’s eyes remained still on the magnificent view of Seoul, retreating her hands back and tucked it inside her pockets while Minjoo’s gaze burned her greatly. “It’s nothing really important, Minjoo-unnie, I assure you.” She responded, lying through her teeth. She didn’t stutter, yes, but her voice wavered and it didn’t go unnoticed by Minjoo.


The older woman gave her an unamused look, shaking her head. “Yujin-ah, tell me, it’s okay.” She pleaded and Yujin is slowly breaking already. Her fists balled, feeling her breath hitch.


“I do not want our friendship to be ruined, unnie. Please, don’t force me to say it.” Yujin begged, helpless and hopeless, she sounded so weak.


It caught Minjoo’s interest, piquing her curiosity even more. She reached for Yujin’s face, cupping it and caressing it ever so gently which made the younger girl freeze, slowly turning to her with a pleading gaze. Minjoo gave her a small smile, encouraging her, telling her that nothing bad will happen if she ever spills.


“Nothing to be afraid of, it’s just me, Yujin. Tell me everything, I got you.” Minjoo whispered, caressing Yujin’s flaming cheek with her thumb.


It was not going as planned, Yujin panicked. Her heart wouldn’t stay still, there were butterflies in her stomach, and she was heavily breathing because of their close proximity. Minjoo’s hand didn’t help, it made everything worse than it was.


“You’re making it hard for me to keep it, unnie.” The younger woman breathed, biting her inner cheek, moving her hand to take Minjoo’s hand away from her. “It’s better if you don’t know.” She softly insisted but Minjoo isn’t easy to please. Yujin saw it coming, of course, and it was one of her fears — the older woman would never stop until she gets or earns this certain thing.


Minjoo’s gaze softened, holding the hand Yujin used to reach for hers and gave it a light squeeze. “You want me to beg?” She questioned and the younger woman’s eyes widened in shock.




“I will grow restless if you won’t tell me, Yujin. I do not care if it’s about me or anything that concerns me. I just want to know, and let me help, alright?” Minjoo said, huffing as she looked at Yujin with a pleading gaze.


And it didn’t take long for Yujin to break.


With a lot of hesitation, Yujin opened to speak. “You won’t get mad at me?” She quietly whispered, eyes sparkling in worry and guilt, looking like a lost puppy and Minjoo almost cooed.


“I will never dare.” The latter answered with a reassuring smile.


“This won’t change a thing between us?” Yujin asked again, and Minjoo nodded, even crossing her heart.


“Absolutely.” She responded, even shifting closer to the younger woman. However, Yujin didn’t move much, just staring at Minjoo while wearing an unreadable expression on her face.


“This won’t change the way you see me, you treat me?” The younger one questioned, breath hitching and that was where Minjoo realized that it was serious. Narrowing her gaze, the older woman looked at Yujin with full confusion.


“Yujin,” She quietly called, tense. “Just what are you trying to imply?”


Yujin her lower lip, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, trying to gain enough courage. This wasn’t supposed to happen, and it seriously terrified Yujin to the core. She was so afraid of what Minjoo would do or might say.


Yet she trusted her, Yujin absolutely trusts Minjoo.


“I like you, Kim Minjoo.” Yujin managed to find her voice and blurted out, surprisingly, not even stuttering. Her intense gaze remained glued to the older woman, watching her reaction and she gulped when the latter did not react, nor showed any emotions, just blankly staring at her.


And Yujin thought it might not be enough. “I like you, romantically. Not sisterly or platonically, or whatever. I sincerely like you, unnie.” She breathlessly said, trying to stop her heart from jumping too much, her chest hurts.


Somehow, after that confession, it felt like this weight on her chest had been lifted off. She didn’t know whether this was a good thing or not. Everything seriously went out of hand, the least thing she wanted to happen is this; confessing to Minjoo.


Heh, if she was not just this weak for her but no, god, Yujin was seriously under Minjoo’s spell.


“Are you disgusted, unnie?” It was almost a reflex. Yujin could feel her lips quivering, wanting to cry as her heart cracked — it was a very, very bad idea to confess. Bitterly chuckling to herself, Yujin agreed with it. Minjoo is definitely disgusted — Yujin liked women, she liked her.


With that, Minjoo immediately reacted, shaking her head furiously. “N-No, no — Yujin-ah, no. I will never,” She denied, still shaking her head softly to show that she’s not disgusted or anything — but beyond flustered and shocked. It’s unexpected, seriously, Minjoo never thought of it even slightly.


“Yujin, please,” Minjoo pleaded when the younger woman hung her head down low, sniffling and sobbing because of too much embarrassment and fear. She pulled the latter into a hug, patting her head and pressing a kiss on her temple, like she usually does whenever she comforts the pup. “Unnie is not disgusted or mad, no, I’m just surprised, hmm? Don’t think of it like that…” Minjoo whispered, gulping, but she’s trembling as well.


Yujin took a deep breath, trying to calm down. She just nodded, wiping her tears with the sleeves of her jacket like a child before finally meeting gazes with Minjoo, her heart momentarily freezing. “I-I’m really sorry, unnie. You’re probably uncomfortable now that you learned that I’m liking you,” She whispered.


“Look at me,” She suddenly heard Minjoo’s demanding voice, it instantly made her flinch. “Look me in the eyes, Yujin.” Minjoo demanded again with a serious voice and Yujin complied like a loyal puppy she is for the older woman, lips puckered a bit.


And what caught her off guard is when Minjoo cupped her face, caressing both of her cheeks to make her look at her and stay still, giving her a very intense and sincere gaze.


“We’ll try to work it out, okay?” Minjoo whispered, caressing her cheeks so softly with the pad of her thumb, and moved her one hand to tuck the stray hair behind her ear, and then flashed a small sweet smile. “We’re going to work it out, Yujin.”


The younger woman froze at that, slightly shocked at the response she heard from Minjoo — because those words that came out of were not the reply Yujin had expected. Yujin knew she stood no chance at all, she knew that Minjoo was not even gay at all, and she only saw Yujin as her little sister. So, she had expected straight-up rejection.


But this? This was beyond her imagination. She never really had expected that Minjoo would give out a different response, and on top of it all, her words sounded ‘chance for them’, and Yujin quivered at that — she didn’t know, out of happiness? Relief? Anticipation? Shock? She didn’t really know, all she knew was that she had a breakdown in front of the older woman again, crying loudly that Minjoo panicked.


“H-Hey, stop, oh my god — Yuj, stop crying… hey, I’m here,” Minjoo comforted, pulling her into a tight, comforting embrace that Yujin melted, hugging the woman back tighter — she was afraid to let go, afraid that when she ever let go, she might wake up from this dream.


“Do you mean it, unnie? Do you mean your words?” Yujin asked, sniffling against her shoulders but Minjoo heard it perfectly, pressing her face against Yujin’s head, planting a kiss on top of it, and the younger woman felt it — the older woman smiled against her hair.


Murmuring, Minjoo reassured, “Yes, Yujin,” She whispered, cradling the crying younger girl in her arms. “We’ll figure everything out together, okay? We’ll try. We’ll discover. Slowly, but so surely.” added by the woman softly.


With those words finally sinking into Yujin’s brain, she slowly broke the hug to face Minjoo, and for the first time, she wasn’t so intimidated with their close gap — she felt closer, very closer to Minjoo, and she was delighted. She stared at the woman with helpless blood-shot eyes, and Minjoo stared back with the same intensity, honey orbs full of sincere feelings that Yujin almost drowned in those pools.


“You like me back? You like me the same way I admire you, Joo-unnie?” Yujin once again asked, almost breathless because hell — it felt too good to be real. But when Minjoo flashed her a grin, and even reached for her face again — slowly, the taller woman started to believe that everything was all true.


“I already gave you some deep, meaningful words, and you still think I don’t like you back?” teased Minjoo with a chuckle, and ran her thumb through her cheek, wiping off the tears staining Yujin’s tears. The taller woman pouted at that, her face falling a bit, and that made the older woman’s smile widen even more, scooting to Yujin even closer.


Whispering, Minjoo pressed a kiss on Yujin’s nose, “I like you too, Yujin,” She confessed, and for sure, Yujin’s heart was out of her chest that very moment, it felt like a vivid dream but she knew, everything was real, and it was happening.


“I like you so much that I was so scared of even admitting it to myself, Yujin.”


Minjoo was no coward, and she won’t let a chance pass through her. Never. When she knew that it would be fruitful. She liked Yujin so much that she couldn’t even bring herself to stop for a moment and think of all the consequences. Well, for sure, she wouldn’t be able to bear to see Yujin getting heartbroken because she lied that she didn’t have feelings for her at all when in fact, there were.


She might be the most selfish person that night but she knew everything would be worth it until the end. She likes Yujin too much. She likes her so much that she was ready to sacrifice everything for Yujin’s smile alone.




January 13, 2020


Like Minjoo had said to her last month, yes, that very night — they took everything slowly, and in no rush, and yet, much to Yujin’s delight — their relationship was improving rapidly, and their feelings for each other were getting stronger and tougher each passing day. And the both of them were so happy with each other.


They would sleep, and cuddle together on Yujin’s bed, and well, sometimes — the younger woman would be the one who would climb and crawl on Minjoo’s bunk. It was relatively easy for them to spend time together alone because they were roommates, and they had the small room for themselves. They could freely hold hands, and talk to each other uninterrupted, and they could even give each other some heart eyes without the members suspecting of something weird going on between them.


They knew that the members wouldn’t judge at all but still, they knew that it would be risky and some of them might freak out, and reason out that Yujin was too young for a relationship. So, the both of them decided to not to act too sweetly with each other when they were outside their room, and they would only interact when necessary. It was like a silent mutual agreement between them. They knew the possible outcome, of course, they always talked about stuff like that — better discreet rather than people breaking them apart. Minjoo might really go mad if ever.


And of course, Minjoo knew that Yujin was young, that was why she was being careful around the woman and always considered her feelings, putting it her number one priority. She was a little bit wary, making sure that even though the young woman was still young and inexperienced — her feelings for Minjoo were strong and genuine. Yujin proved that a lot of times though. And the older could feel it, that sometimes, it freaked her out.


Sometimes, they would go on some dates, rarely alone, and mostly with other members so it wouldn’t feel a little bit suspicious for the others. Chaewon surely caught them holding hands under the table once when they were eating dinner, but she just smiled.


“Unnie, can we go out?” Yujin asked, peeking her head on the side of Minjoo’s bunk bed, and Minjoo chuckled sleepily, wrapping her arm around the woman’s head, and scooted closer to press a kiss on Yujin’s temple, then another long one on the crown then snuggled her face on the taller woman’s hair, and well, it smelt nice because she could recall Yujin washing her hair earlier this morning.


Yujin tried to snuggle closer too but her movements were limited because Minjoo was up on the bunk bed, and she couldn’t really reach her. Minjoo murmured, “Alright. I’ll ask Eunbi-unnie when the meeting with our managers will end, and after that, we’ll go, hmm?” Yujin smiled brightly at that, turning her head to press a kiss on Minjoo’s arm.


“Yes~ It would be a date again~” Yujin sang giddily, and slipped from Minjoo’s hold to change. The older woman just smiled, closing her eyes, then turned to the other side to give Yujin some privacy. She respects the young woman greatly so even though they are both girls, she will never take a peek.


Instead, she just tightly closed her eyes, and let Yujin’s singing voice fill up her ears. It was so good, and melodic that she almost fell asleep again. It sounded like a lullaby and had the only purpose of making Minjoo succumb into deep slumber again. She only opened her eyes again when the singing ended, and she felt a gaze on her.


She was greeted with doe chocolate eyes, the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen in her whole life, and instantly grinned at the sight of it staring right back at her. Minjoo could see her reflection into those eyes that held the galaxies. And her heart started to beat dramatically, and she never felt this content, and happy before.


“Hi,” Yujin greeted, grinning adorably at her that her dimples showed deep that Minjoo had to resist the urge to poke it.


The older woman smiled back, reaching for her head instead, ruffling her hair. “Hi, you,” She mumbled sleepily, and pressed a kiss on Yujin’s nose. God, she likes this girl so much that the butterflies in her stomach won’t even fade anymore because she always sees Yujin everywhere. She likes this girl so much, and she was so precious that she deserves everything nice in this world.




February 05, 2020


“Unnie! It’s your birthday!” Yujin shouted excitedly as she entered their shared room, and spotted Minjoo on the floor, folding some clothes. She immediately went to her like a puppy dashing towards its owner, literally pouncing on the older woman.


Giggling, Minjoo just braced herself, hugging Yujin tightly then let out a laugh when the younger woman rubbed their cheeks together in an affectionate manner. “I have a gift for you~” She then announced, finally letting Minjoo go, and sat beside her, showing her a box wrapped in red wrapper.


Minjoo’s heart warmed, her expression softening. She took the box from the suddenly nervous Yujin, and pulled her closer, pressing a kiss dangerously near , and checked the gift — opening it almost too eagerly, and gasped when she saw that it was an anklet.


“Do you like it?” Yujin asked, a little bit nervous, then showed her foot. “It’s a couple anklets—” She was cut off when Minjoo suddenly hugged her, toppling the older woman, and literally laid on top of the surprised Yujin.


“Like it? I love it, Yuj! And a couple anklets too, oh my god!” Minjoo happily exclaimed, her face painted with full of happiness as she looked down at Yujin, the latter smiled, sitting up, and hugged Minjoo again, taking the silver anklet out of the box then silently asked Minjoo if she could do the honor of wrapping the anklet around her ankle.


And Yujin did, and Minjoo watched her intently, eyes piercing that the taller woman’s hands were trembling as she fixed the anklet on her ankle. It felt so oddly sweet and intimate, it felt like Yujin proposed and she slipped the ring on Minjoo’s ring finger but rather, she made Minjoo wear an anklet.


“It looks so perfect, Yuj,” Minjoo mumbled as she took a good look at it before turning to Yujin again, and the younger woman’s smile even became brighter.


The both of them stared at each other, smiling meaningly with their eyes sparkling, and full of hearts. But before one of them could even move, the door was then barged open again, revealing the other members, holding a cake, and started to sing ‘Happy Birthday, Minjoo’ very loudly.


Minjoo laughed, and stood up, walking closer to the others — Chaeyeon, and Wonyoung immediately pulled her for a hug.


Yujin watched them — Minjoo — with a small smile. Well, Minjoo is indeed the most beautiful when she’s smiling genuinely.




July 11, 2020


After many months of trying to work everything up, their relationship gradually grew even more, and to the point it looked like they were an actual couple. They function together like one, and they went past to the point of caring if the members ever noticed them being closer than usual. They remained sweet but still, a little bit shy around each other, and never really went too far from kissing each other on the cheeks, on rare occasions — one would kiss the other on the corner of her lip, and that was it, they were careful and respectful, especially Minjoo.


But still, they were still not official. And honestly, Yujin was a little frustrated over that fact. Minjoo was holding back because she was still young, blah blah, not ready to succumb into a deeper relationship, blah blah, and many other excuses that made Yujin think that maybe, Minjoo’s feelings for her were starting to lose and fade. And it scared her less. They were also starting to have small quarrels over things, and Yujin was getting even more and more possessive towards Minjoo. And she was afraid that it might suffocate the older woman, but she was scared to let go too.


The thin thread snapped when one day, Yujin spotted that Minjoo was having a call with Hyunjin — the guy one, and the one she was MC-ing with. And the woman was laughing wholeheartedly at the joke the man threw. Yujin was blinded by jealousy that she snapped, and lost her control completely. She knew she had no right, she and Minjoo weren’t official but then — they were exclusive, and it felt like Yujin was disrespected. There was something going on with them but Minjoo felt like she was simply forgetting it all.


“What did you guys talk about?” Yujin immediately asked through gritted teeth when Minjoo finished her call with Hyunjin. It didn’t help that Yujin was slightly out of control in this kind of stuff, she was inexperienced, she didn’t know how to control her emotions that much. It was her first time to feel a burning jealousy like this.


Minjoo arched her brow at that. “Why? None of your business, Yujin,” She asked, a little bit annoyed. They were still not on good terms after Yujin ditched Minjoo to hang out with Yuna yesterday. But Yujin already explained that she couldn’t cancel her plans with her friend because it was planned a long time ago. After that, Minjoo kept giving her cold shoulders, acting like a sulky girlfriend.


Yujin frowned at that, “Well, you looked so happy talking with him, and laughing giddily like a lovesick woman when he threw a hideous joke.” replied Yujin, tone full of annoyance, and that irked Minjoo a bit, rolling her eyes as she went to her room — yes, they already moved dorms, and unfortunately, they got separated but then, they didn’t have roommates so they still frequently went to each other’s room to spend time together alone.


“And what if I am? Geez, the joke was funny so I laughed.” Minjoo huffed, and crossed her arms, walking past Yujin then sat on her bed. “Why are you acting like a possessive, jealous brat today, Yujin? Stop it,” added by the older woman, and scoffed.


It hurt Yujin, and because of it, thousands of negative thoughts started to fill her head. What if she was slowly falling out of love? What if she didn’t have feelings for Yujin anymore? What if she was falling into that Hyunjin guy instead? Well, wasn’t that more acceptable? Hyunjin is a guy, Minjoo is a lady. People would accept and support them, and they look so great together.


And she exploded.


“Well, can’t I? I can feel jealousy too, Minjoo! I freaking love you, and I witnessed you being too giddy with a guy! Obviously enough, I won’t like that at all!” Yujin finally snapped again, feeling absolute rage that she couldn’t even help herself from blurting out something that wasn’t supposed to be said, well — at least not yet.


Minjoo froze at that, she was shocked at the sudden outburst but what surprised her the most was what Yujin had just unconsciously shouted at her. It felt like her heart stopped for a few moments before it started to beat rapidly, her nerves thumping as she stared at the panting Yujin, wide-eyed. “What did you say, Yuj?” murmured Minjoo, feeling a little bit weak but she still stood up, and walked closer to the younger.


Finally, Yujin recalled, and realized what she just confessed so loudly. And cursed at herself for saying such stuff, she just got caught up by her emotions that she suddenly said something like that. She shook her head to shrug it off.


“Forget it, I’m going to go back to my room,” Yujin weakly whispered, and was about to run towards her room but before she could even take a step, Minjoo already had her hand around the younger woman’s wrist, preventing her from running away. Her breath hitched, not meeting Minjoo’s desperate gaze. She gulped down.


Now, this wasn’t how Yujin nor even Minjoo imagined confessing their blooming love for each other. Both of them pictured it that it would happen in the middle of their date, and certainly not in the middle of a heated quarrel at all. Minjoo could actually just ignore it, and both of them would pretend that it didn’t happen but — she couldn’t just ignore that Yujin didn’t say the L-word for god’s sake! And her heart was flipping and dancing happily in her chest.


“Repeat that again, repeat that god damn part again, Yujin.” Minjoo whispered, almost dangerously, and demanding — but also, a hint of pleading tone was lying underneath it. Her grip on the taller woman’s wrist tightened, and Yujin audibly gulped, shaking her head, but then — Minjoo clearly heard it anyway, she was caught already.


With one last deep breath, Yujin finally blurted out, “I freaking love you, Kim Minjoo.” She confessed, and she blushed when she heard herself say that, wincing a bit.


Minjoo was stunned for a few moments, taking a step closer. “Do you mean that?” She murmured, almost not believing it.


Yujin made a face because of her reaction before exhaling, “Yeah, I mean it, really. I’ve been thinking about it for the past few months we’re… well, getting to know each other? I know my feelings for you aren’t so small anymore, it’s not a big fat crush, unnie. It’s scary, the feelings… I sometimes can’t even control my emotions anymore around you. I-I just want you, unnie. Nobody else,” mumbled Yujin, fidgeting a bit, and she could feel a bile rising up in but she held back the annoying feeling. “And I hope you feel the same—”


She didn’t even finish her sentence when suddenly, Minjoo pulled her closer, and pressed a kiss on her lips. On her lips! Not just on the corner of it, but it was a real lip to lip kiss that caught Yujin off-guard, yelping at the sudden action and the feeling of something very soft dampening against her cold pair of lips.


It wasn’t a passionate kiss, or anything, it was just a mere peck but it still made Yujin’s mind go blank. Her heart literally bursted rainbows all over her chest, and even if Minjoo already pulled away, and the kiss lasted for a mere second — she could still feel the tingly feeling on her lips. It was nice, it was something else really. And gah, Minjoo was her first kiss!


The older woman probably realized what she had done but there was no regret lingering around her face, only a little bit of fear. She thought that it might’ve shocked Yujin, in a bad way, of course. She froze, and her heart fell into her stomach when she saw Yujin’s expression.


“Oh god, I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know what the hell possessed me to do that without your consent.” Minjoo apologized quickly, her whole body turning into a tomato because hey, it was still her first kiss too, after all.


Yujin tilted her head, looking like a confused puppy before breaking out into a grin, her lower lip nervously. “So, does that mean the feeling is mutual?” She asked, albeit a little bit quietly, and uncertain but still took the risk of asking.


Blinking, Minjoo was once again — stunned. She stared at Yujin who was shyly fixing her fringes, the blush on her cheeks were so visible, and she was holding back a smile yet her dimples still showed, deep. It was a little bit ironic that she was literally acting like a jealous brat earlier but now, she looked like a very shy teenager who confessed her feelings for her long-time crush, and well — which was a little bit similar in their situation. And then, she snapped back into the reality that, oh, Yujin asked her if the feeling was mutual all along.


Well, Yujin should already know the answer to that.


“Yes,” Minjoo breathed, almost shyly, and bit her lower lip. Yujin’s face brightened, reaching for her hand, and then held it gently — her sparkly eyes glued on her lover. “I, well, love you too, Yuj. You know that…” added the older woman with a soft tone.


“Well, does this mean… we’re official girlfriends now?” Yujin asked again, too blunt that it caught Minjoo a little bit off-guard.


Minjoo, all along, knew that Yujin would like to make things official between them. She knew that, she had a gut feeling, and she just knew Yujin well. She loved the idea too, of course, calling Yujin her girlfriend and all. But Minjoo always thought that maybe the younger one wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment. She was still so young, barely an adult. But then, she realized. Yujin wasn’t like those typical teenagers who find lovers because they didn’t want to feel left out like the other teens — heck, she was literally risking her whole career for Minjoo without hesitation.


Yujin, she was mature for her age, too wise, and she knew what she wanted, and she knew the right thing to do. She always followed what her heart wanted. And coincidentally, her heart wanted Minjoo.


“Hmm, I guess so,” Minjoo said, pouting a bit, and pulled Yujin for a hug. Their first hug as official girlfriends, and hey, it felt quite nice, she couldn’t help but to smile. “Sorry for being too sulky… I was just upset yesterday…” She mumbled.


A kiss landed on top of Minjoo’s head, and followed by a soft murmur, “It’s all good now. We’re all good.” Yujin said, and then added with a smile. “You’re officially mine now, and we’re officially lovers. Believe me, Joo, the negative feelings I felt vanished… just like that,”


Official? God, Minjoo didn’t know she would love how it sounded so much.




July 15, 2021


Minjoo felt like she and Yujin just started to fall in love yesterday. Time surely flies too fast. Everything felt so fast, and quick. It felt like she just blinked, and it was already another day. But then, it had been always like that ever since god’s knows when.


It felt surreal to know that she and Yujin were already together for a year, well, officially — of course. And so far, they were going strong as usual, even though they couldn’t really meet up often in person after IZ*ONE disbanded. It was heartbreaking, really. She missed being in that group, and most importantly, performing with them — performing with Yujin. But it was also better this way even though it saddened her, it was safer — Minjoo felt so selfish and cruel for saying that.


Even now, no one knows about their relationship. Everyone only thought they were best friends who were too sweet around each other. Well, after all, they were living in South Korea, of course they wouldn’t think that they were dating at all. Maybe, except Eunbi — their leader, or ex-leader, who would always give them meaningful glances and smiles whenever she saw them together, it was like she was saying that, ‘yeah, i know the both of you are in love with each other, and i support you guys silently’ — before, it freaked them out but Eunbi wasn’t that kind of person. She was always open, and understanding.


And it was nice to know that someone was supportive of their secret little relationship. But even so, they weren’t just too comfortable being too overly affectionate with one another with people present around them. They needed to be extra careful, especially Minjoo — she knew that even though Yujin was ready to quit from being an artist just to be with Minjoo — the older woman knew that performing on stage was her passion, and Minjoo would rather die than let Yujin leave something she loves to do just because of her.


So far, nothing bad happened between them, occasional quarrel but the both of them would handle stuff more maturely than before.


“Hey, baby, I’m on the way now!” Yujin’s chirp came from the other line, and Minjoo’s heart instantly fluttered at the endearment Yujin would always use to her. It was sweet, seriously. Yujin is a sweet girlfriend, sweetest among them all, so considerate, and patient too — even though she was the younger one, she always acted the older one — most of the time.


Minjoo smiled even though Yujin couldn’t see it, “Alright, have a safe ride, Yuj.” She said, giggling, and she heard a little squeak then cut off the line. Minjoo continued preparing herself for their anniversary date.


Well, it was already four days late but the both of them were too busy that they didn’t get to date at the exact date — Yujin was busy training because Starship’s new girl group was set to debut soon, plus, busy with some of modelling projects too. And Minjoo, of course, her filming and also photoshoots. She recently landed a second lead role in a new upcoming drama so she was really busy.


But four days ago, Yujin managed to pay her a short visit to greet her, and give her gifts: a couple bracelets, and a bouquet of roses. Minjoo was really moved because Yujin really made an effort to sneak out from the trainers so she could see her and give her the gifts. Minjoo gave her a gift too, of course; chocolates and a couple hoodies (and she was actually wearing the pair now, and she firmly instructed Yujin to wear the other one for their date). She sent off the younger woman with a kiss on the lips.


They decided to meet in their favorite place, where all of the miracles happened — when Yujin confessed that she had feelings for Minjoo, and the latter accepted her. It was quite a memorable place for the both of them, they also have nice privacy there since it was practically hidden, and Minjoo and Yujin only knew that place existed.


It was only a simple date, have a picnic night over there for a few hours and all. Minjoo brought their food, all made by her while Yujin would bring their drinks. It was a nice deal, and they would rather spend it simply like that rather go out in public and get harassed by some fans who knew them.


Soon, Yujin appeared with the biggest grin on her face, and greeted her girlfriend with a hug, and a quick peck on the nose before helping her prepare their food. Yujin kept showering her girlfriend compliments because the homemade pasta Minjoo prepared was delicious and all, she was extra happy because Minjoo cooked tteokbokki for her.


The both of them were content, sipping on their coffees as they held hands, facing the nice view of night life Seoul while they were talking about the randomest things ever, and took pictures. Minjoo posted a picture of her, alone, of course. And not so subtly, Yujin also posted on instagram, but it was the view of the very night sky above them.


Also, Minjoo spotted that Yujin sent Eunbi a photo of the both of them, smiling happily on the camera, and the younger woman only captioned it, ‘i’m with minjoo unnie rn! kekeke!’ and of course, Minjoo saw Eunbi’s response after Yujin sent it.


‘both of you look so good <3 you two look so perfect together.’




March 27, 2024


“I saw your kissing scene with Nam Da Reum-ssi,” was the first line Minjoo was greeted with when she accepted Yujin’s call that night after her exhausting schedule. Minjoo huffed, massaging her temples.


“Well, not like I can do anything, it’s on the script.” The older woman mumbled, too tired to have a fight over kissing scenes. “Are you mad?” added by her, her voice a little bit weak, and plopped down on her bed after she finished wiping off the make-up off her face.


There was a silent pause from the other line, and Minjoo huffed a bit, shaking her head, tucking her body in the comforter as she waited for her girlfriend’s response. “No… I’m not mad, of course,” Yujin mumbled quietly, “I was just surprised, I was watching your drama happily then yeah, suddenly — there was suddenly a kissing scene. I really should get used to it, watching my famous actress girlfriend kiss men.” added by Yujin, there was a slight jealousy in her tone, and light teasing.


Minjoo smiled at that. Well, Yujin wasn’t that possessive, jealous brat girlfriend she was used to anymore. She could control her emotions well now, and grew very maturely. She knew that Minjoo would be an actress, and of course, because she was an actress — Minjoo would kiss other people than her for her job, which Yujin completely understood, she was supportive, even. Always watching Minjoo’s dramas and movies even though it was infuriating to watch her girlfriend acting like she was in love with a man.


“I should really warn you then, I’ll give you the exact episodes where we will be too intimate,” Minjoo answered with a playful tone, and giggled, Yujin let out a small disapproving grumble from the other line.


The younger woman then replied with, “Yeah, I think I need the list. I’m afraid I might really throw my phone these days,” With a cute huff.


That made Minjoo chuckle a bit, taking notes mentally. “Alright,” She said, and then pursed her lips together lightly. “How was your day?” Even if Minjoo was on the brink of falling asleep, she wanted to hear Yujin’s day first, of course — so she could have a nice sleep.


“Not really great. They really want me to be a full-time actress like you, unnie. I only like the idea of it because there might be a time we’ll work on the same project, and that would be nice!” Yujin started to blabber, and Minjoo intently listened, drinking in Yujin’s soothing, raspy voice. She had her eyes closed, and smiling on the phone.


And Minjoo fell asleep to Yujin’s voice just like that. It was not the first time it happened, and Yujin already knew what happened when Minjoo’s line suddenly went dead silent, a soft breathing could only be heard. The first time it happened, the younger woman panicked because she thought something might’ve happened. But now, she just whispered, “Good night, love,” and ended the call after listening to Minjoo’s soft breathings that warmed her heart, and also felt a little bit sad because she couldn’t sleep and cuddle with her lover.




May 20, 2026


“So, you’re telling me, Jihyeok — the guy you got paired with last 2024 in your drama — confessed to you yesterday that he has romantic feelings for you.” Yujin repeated, eating a scoop of her ice cream then snorted. Minjoo, who was sitting across from her, sighed, almost frustratedly, and that made the younger woman frown a bit, why was she stressing herself so much from this?


“Yes,” Minjoo confirmed with a groan, and Yujin shrugged.


The taller woman continued to eat her ice cream. “Well, you rejected him already. So, why are you looking so stressed over it? Why, you have feelings for him?” She asked, a little bit irritated but at the same time, playfully. Minjoo scoffed at that, throwing her a dagger look then took a scoop from her mint chocolate ice cream.


“Of course not. But, he’s a good friend, he’s really a nice guy, Yujin. I feel slightly bad,” Minjoo honestly responded, and Yujin didn’t say anything at first, waiting for her to finish. “I badly wanted to tell her I’m a lesbian, and has a girlfriend because he looked very persistent. We’re going to have another project together too.”


Yujin was stunned for a few moments, shaking her head, not even liking the sound of that even in the slightest bit. He was a threat, a big one too. Well, she absolutely trusted Minjoo, they already celebrated their sixth year anniversary, not the guy — sure, she knew that Jihyeok was a good guy, she heard that from Wonyoung because they also had a drama together before. And he had a nice reputation, he was a genuine nice handsome guy.


“Persistent, huh?” Yujin grumbled under her breath, and Minjoo sighed, reaching for her hand but the younger woman didn’t react at all.


She just really hoped that this Jihyeok guy wouldn’t be the reason for their another huge fight.


She had gotten so lost into her own thoughts that she didn’t even realize that Minjoo was already beside her, side-hugging her, and then snuggled her face on her neck — pressing a few kisses on that made Yujin shiver. Well, this is how Minjoo shows her affection, and she loves kissing Yujin so much. “Hey, don’t worry about him, I don’t like him that way, alright? Deep inside, you know, it’s only you — and will always be only you, Yuj. Hmm?” Minjoo whispered in her reddening ear, then cupped her jaw, making her face turn to her, then pulled the younger woman for a passionate kiss.


And Yujin was relieved to know. Minjoo was really good at making her feel so happy, and all, feel less threatened. Her girlfriend, after all, is a beautiful woman. So a lot of people love to trail her, be it a woman or man. And Minjoo never failed to make her feel reassured and loved, she always showed that the only person she loves and would ever love was Yujin, and no other.




June 19, 2027


“When’s the wedding?!” Yena exclaimed, glaring at Yujin across her — the younger scoffed, but she was blushing. “You guys are seriously sweet and all, literally meant to be! What’s with the wait? all those people who won’t accept you. I will punch them all.” She then added, slurring a bit, and red from the alcohol even though she only drank a glass of wine.


Eunbi snickered, elbowing Yena, and Hyewon laughed silently. “Shut, you duck. Yooeun is sleeping upstairs, if you won’t shut your loud mouth I’ll kick you out of my house.” the older woman threatened and Yena threw her a peace sign, and a sheepish smile before turning to Yujin who was silently sipping on her own glass of wine.


“But Yena is right. You guys are what? In a relationship for almost seven years now, maybe it’s the right time to take the next step? Minjoo is definitely waiting too, you know, she wanted for you to ask her — not the other way around.” Hyewon butted in, taking the bag of chips, placing it on her lap then started to eat. Yujin just gave them a tight smile.


Yes, the others knew already about them, it was three years ago when they revealed they were dating. Some were shocked, and took time to accept and sink the information in — and the rest were so happy, either expecting it or were just supportive because they all knew the both of them were so happy with each other. They were just worried though, their careers, and image. But so far, Minjoo and Yujin were still going too strong.


Oh, if they just knew… Yujin badly wanted to, and she was already planning everything, and even searching for the right engagement ring. She and Minjoo actually talked about making their relationship take the next level — they wanted to move in together, live under the same roof together so they would be closer with one another. But because of their careers, it was holding them back even if they wanted to already.


Yujin had decided now though, well, she had been thinking of it for a few years already; she will quit the showbiz industry, she will quit performing, acting, modelling all together. She won’t sign another contract after the contract with her current label expires next year. Because first of all, she was getting tired of it. Everything was too hectic, she didn’t know how she survived being swamped with work that she didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Minjoo. She was stable enough after all, and she has her own business, a cafe. Second, she badly wanted to have a normal life, away from the prying eyes of the public, and cameras. And last, she wanted to publicly date Minjoo. So there was no image that would be destroyed because it would be non-existing anymore. She wanted to do normal couple things with her girlfriend.


Minjoo also talked about quitting after her contract expires, same as Yujin — she also wanted a more peaceful life with the younger woman. They wanted to move out of this conservative country, and settle in France instead, or Canada.


And the moment they made their grand exit away from the media, Yujin would propose, and marry the love of her life.


“Soon,” Yujin murmured, and the others’ ears perked up in interest and excitement which made the younger woman. “I might propose next year, after our contract expires and quit that hellhole. Don’t tell her, of course,” She rolled her eyes when the three started to clap happily, squealing but the noises died after, when Eunbi realized they were being too loud that it might wake her child that was sleeping upstairs.


“You know who to ask if you need help, alright?” Yena said, and giggled giddily.


Yujin smiled brightly at them, nodding like a puppy. “Of course. Expect a very serious phone call next year,” She winked.




December 02, 2028


“Finally! Officially out of that motherducking hellhole!” Minjoo announced the moment she opened the door of her apartment unit, shrugging off her coat, and hung it on the hanger before waltzing towards the living room then plopped onto the couch, landing on the cushions with a relieved, satisfied sigh.


It felt like a huge weight was removed from her shoulders when the meeting ended earlier, and surprisingly, smoothly too. Her company was, of course, sad that she decided not to continue acting or singing anymore. Well, Minjoo was their biggest asset after all. But she was sick of it, she used to get advantaged around, and she didn’t want to live a lie anymore — she wanted to proudly show off Yujin to the world. Plus, everything was starting to lose its meaning too. She was not happy with this kind of set-up anymore.


And mentioning Yujin, her lips tugged upwards to form a tired smile — they would meet in a bit, actually, and have a little date and celebration. Yujin also got her contract expired months ago, and didn’t renew it. Well, they had a silent agreement to finally not continue being celebrities anymore. Minjoo knew that Yujin wanted to have a normal life like her too, away from fame.


It felt so peaceful, so peaceful. She couldn’t wait to have a date with Yujin in public, strolling around the streets while holding hands, and would kiss occasionally without people judging their relationship. And with that thought, she jumped from the couch, suddenly energized, and decided to change into more comfortable clothes — since they would just meet in their favorite place.


And once she was settled with comfortable clothes, she immediately grabbed her car keys, and purse before going outside, starting to drive towards their destined meeting place.


She saw two other cars parked on the free parking space, and she just shrugged it off, hopping off from her car then closed it, locking it hastily before jogging towards the place — it was two minutes walk from the neighborhood, it was very hidden with confusing pathways but Minjoo already memorized the ways so she wouldn’t get lost, it felt natural to walk towards there.


And soon, the familiar perfect sight came into view, it felt so familiar — and so healing, it was her and Yujin’s safe haven after all, their place. Instantly, a smile formed on her lips as she was greeted by a chill gust of wind. She then walked closer, and went past the railings, then hopped to the ground — and when she brought her eyes to roam, she was surprised to see lights hanging above, it was tied on the nearby tree and the other end was wrapped along the pole. And oh, there was a picnic cloth prepared on the ground, the same spot where they usually do their picnics — there was a basket, and two pieces of wrapped sandwiches on both sides, and woah — was that a wine? Yup, it is, with two wine glasses prepared.


Well, this was unexpected, really. She slowly walked over the picnic with a huge smile on her face. She didn’t know Yujin would make an effort for their date, as normal girlfriends — not celebrity secret girlfriends. Ahn Yujin never really failed to amaze her, even if they were already entering their eight year of being in a relationship — she still always made Minjoo feel so special, and loved.


And speaking of Yujin, the woman finally appeared behind the tree — striding towards her with a cheeky grin on her face, and Minjoo giggled, meeting the younger woman halfway for a hug. “Hey,” She murmured, inhaling Yujin’s scent, and tried to ignore that she could feel the taller woman trembling a bit. “What’s all of this? You don’t need to,” added Minjoo with a small smile as she broke the hug, and tipped on her toes to reach for Yujin’s lips, pecking it.


The younger woman weakly giggled, she looked good tonight. “But I want to. We need to celebrate this. We’re free from that industry,” said Yujin, planting a kiss on top of Minjoo’s head, then grabbed her wrist — dragging her towards the picnic cloth, and made her sit beside her.


The two of them happily ate their sandwich, and other snacks that Yujin brought (the sandwiches were made by Eunbi, Yujin revealed), then later on opened the wine, and the both of them were stuck in a comfortable silence. They were just admiring the view and the twinkling stars, the weather was nice today — not really too cold, they got the mini bonfire near them — which Yujin made so the older woman wouldn’t feel that cold.


It was nice, and Minjoo’s heart was calm, and content. Ahh, nothing beats a date under the night sky, with moons and stars as their audience, and the view before them was spectacular — on top of that, with a beautiful, perfect girlfriend, and a glass of wine. It was perfect. So perfect that Minjoo never wished for a more grand, expensive date. Everything was so perfect.


“You know, Joo, I’ve been searching for some good apartments around Vancouver.” Yujin started off after finishing her glass, less tense but Minjoo could hear the slight waver of her voice. Minjoo hummed, intrigued on how this conversation would end. “And well, since I really like Canada. I want to live my life there.”


Minjoo frowned at that, because Yujin was only saying, ‘I’, singular, not plural. But before she could even cut her off, the woman faced her fully with a serious face. “And you know, Joo… I, well — , I don’t know how to say this,” Yujin hissed, terrified. That made Minjoo’s heart drop on her stomach. Was this set-up their last date? That was why Yujin made an effort to set these things up because she was about to leave Minjoo? It ing sounded so horrible!


But then, before she could even say anything or shed a tear because negative thoughts were already piling up in her little head, Yujin started to blabber nervously — while staring right into her eyes, her orbs flaming in passion, and love. “Minjoo, I just wanted to say that, I — Ahn Yujin, have been loving you all these years, ten years and counting, in fact,” She paused there, taking a deep breath as she went red.


Okay, Minjoo froze at that. Why was Yujin saying these sweet things? It was so sudden, everything was so sudden that she didn’t even know what to think anymore, and she just dumbfoundedly eyed her lover as she continued her passionate, adorable blabbers that made her heart skip beats.


“Yes, not just eight years that we are together. Kim Minjoo, I’ve been loving for ten years and counting, and I’m not going to stop, I will never dare. I want for you to know that I’m in love with you so madly, so deeply, unconditionally — for ten years and counting, to forever. You’re the woman of my dreams, you’re one of the main reasons why I’m still functioning well, you made me a better person that I was, Minjoo — you shaped me,” Yujin continued on, and her voice started to get even more, and more serious — her eyes were so sparkly, and so serious that Minjoo wanted to throw herself off the nearby cliff. Everything was too fast, she was too lost, she was panicking — she couldn’t even say anything.


Then, Yujin reached for her hand, holding it tightly but so gently, then pressed a kiss on the back of her hand which made Minjoo gasp a bit. And suddenly, Yujin shifted her position, she was kneeling instead of sitting — and ! Minjoo was hit by realization, and her mind went blank, tears instantly started to fall, and her heart was beating erratically inside her chest.


Yujin took another deep breath, “And I… can’t see you being out of my life, I just can’t. I want to spend my entire life, and grow old until our hair turns gray — with you, I want to do everything that will make you and I happy, Minjoo. Everything. I’m ready to give up the world just to have you for me, forever.” She said, chewing her bottom lip, and her face softened. “Let’s run away, let’s get out of this hellhole, and let’s start somewhere new, and fresh — where we can be the real, and no restraint Kim Minjoo, and Ahn Yujin.” She took something out from her pocket, it was a small box.


“So, Kim Minjoo — my love, my everything. Will you marry me?” Yujin finally asked, and opened the box, revealing a perfect looking diamond ring.


And there it was. Minjoo’s heart exploded into rainbows.


“Oh my god,” The older woman gasped, tears continuously dropping from her eyes. She really didn’t expect anything at all! She was beyond surprised, but happy, she was probably the happiest woman in the world at that moment. This was the thing she had been looking forward to these past years, this was her dream — for Yujin to finally ask her hand for marriage.


Yujin just smiled, waiting for an answer, and that was only when Minjoo realized she still hadn’t given out an answer but she knew that the younger woman knew the answer already. “Yes! , yes, Ahn Yujin! I will marry you, and we will live in the same home together. We will love each other for eternity!” Minjoo answered, and couldn’t stop shaking.


Stunned, Yujin yelped the moment she heard that, pulling her girlfriend — ehem — fiancee, for a tight hug. “God, I love you so much that I’m ready to give up everything I have just so I can marry you,” Yujin mumbled against her shoulders, and Minjoo choked out a happy cry.


They broke the hug, and Yujin gently grabbed Minjoo’s hand, and took the ring out of the box, carefully slipping it on the older woman’s ring finger — a perfect fit, and Minjoo couldn’t even suppress the gasp when she saw how perfect it was placed on her finger She was going to be Mrs. Ahn soon.


Minjoo pulled Yujin for a passionate kiss — pouring her utmost feelings in the kiss, and she could feel the younger woman smiling happily in the middle of the kiss that made her smile giddily too. They only broke apart when both of them were out of breath, panting lightly as they rested their forehead against each other, smiling brightly.


“I love you so much, Minjoo-ah. I love you, I love you , I love you. God knows how devoted I am to you,” Yujin said, looking a little bit desperate yet so lovesick, that made Minjoo’s heart flutter happily.


Minjoo grinned, god, everything was so perfect. And she was so happy and Yujin was happy. “I love you too, Ahn Yujin, and I will love you until eternity. Endless, with you, my love.”




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