Mint Choco
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Jungsoo has sweet tooth, one of them is ice cream. Everytime he goes for grocery shopping he never forget to buy one tub of ice cream. On the contrary heechul doesn’t like anything that contains sweetness. He eat snickers only because they pay for him, as a professional he would do anything for his job even if it means eat really sweet snacks.


Tonight after he doing TKY he suddenly crave for ice cream, but there isn’t any left on his fridge. He originally wanted to call his boyfriend and ask him to buy one on the way home but knowing his boyfriend he won’t. So he drive his car to nearest store


“What are you doing here?” Heechul was confuse and surprised to see his boyfriend making sudden appearance.


“What? Can’t i fetch you?”


“Of course you can but this is so sudden Soo”


“Fine just go home with manager then” Jungsoo sulking and get in the car, ready to leave Heechul behind, but Heechul was fast enough to get into passenger seat before teuk could hit the gas.


“Babe stop sulking I didn’t say i wasn’t happy, i was just surprise”


Jungsoo just look straight to the road and ignore Heechul.


“What time is our group schedule tomorrow?” Heechul once again tried to have conversation with his sulky boyfriend but again no luck. He sigh, it’s always hard to coax his sulking boyfriend.


People, fans always thought Jungsoo is mature because of his image, but what they don’t know is he is a baby— a big baby at least for Heechul. He thinks hard the way to make his boyfriend talk to him again, until he remembered


“Soo, can we stay in my place tonight? We can go together tomorrow morning”


“But i have allergy”


“I ask one of my friend to take care of heebum and kibok since I’m very busy these days because of our promotion so its all clear, you’ll be fine”


“Pweease baby” Heechul pleads him. He has to bring him to his place because he knows its t

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