the boy and his cookie dough

Cards and cuddles with cookie dough

"San, stop…"

"I love marking you…"


"Pushing back against my fingers now? What a baby."

You whined.

"Don't you want to play with me a bit more?"


San dropped to the floor laughing.


You were both playing Pokemon cards together. Whoever lost a round would have stamps (children's stamps) all over their face and post on social media about it. It didn't help that he would hold your neck before putting a stamp of Patrick star on the sensitive part of that body part.

"You should see your face! You're so full of it." He was dying out laughing on the floor, not caring now that his whole deck is within your view.

It isn't fair that he bought all the good cards from Wooyoung before game night of all things!


You were at home. You two were supposed to play billiards with his friends, but it was raining out and taxis didn't just come by your side of town, plus Uber? Nah. You two knew you both wanted to stay in tonight, and so both of you made excuses to stay in.

The others were okay for the most part. How could you tell? They were sending peach and eggplant emojis on your group chat. 'Those idiots,' you thought and laughed with San. Your boyfriend couldn't seem to look at you in the eye without bursting in laughter.


"Okay, Mr. Cheater, what's the next game? We are not playing UNO with just us two." You protested and gathered all the Pokemon cards neatly. "If we play UNO, I take that you want to break up with me and make an excuse."

This is one thing you appreciate about this man. He might seem intimidating, cocky or that typical popular guy; but deep down he was still a kid who loved to play with anything. Be it fighting you over a co-op game that you two just found on Steam, card games you two want to get into or just playing kid's games like a thumb war; you two seem to find entertainment in each other.


You finished up cleaning and re-tied your hair into a bun. You might have stamp ink on your hands, but who cares? You had stamps all over your face, neck and arms - he barely had any. He is a very competitive man-child, you see.


Before you could finish tying your hair, San pounced on top of you which caused both of you to fall on the floor.

He was smiling and looking satisfied. "You have a new game in mind?" You asked with a raised eyebrow.


He shook his head cutely and said, "I want an excuse to just be close to you."

"Living with you for 3 months in this small apartment, isn't enough?" You laughed as you placed your hands behind his neck to pull him closer to you.

He shook his head cutely and buried his face on your neck.


“Hey,” he asked next to your neck. You squirmed to get him off since his breath was practically tickling you.

“What?” you laughed.

“What do you like about me?” he settled beside you on the floor and held your hand between the two of you.

You tilted your head towards him and asked, “Why suddenly ask?”

“I’m an idol. I’m most of the time. I have to hide our relationship. I can’t marry you as soon as I want…” he pouted. He was a man-child. He was as honest as he could be, and you appreciate that.

“Marry me?” you laughed. “Isn’t that a bit too fast? We dated for what, not even a year yet?”

San used his angry face - a face much similar to an angry Shina Inu who can’t have another treat. “I’m serious.”

“Well, I’m serious too!” You lifted your upper body up with one arm to support you just so that your head hovers over your man. “Where do you even want to marry?”

“Here at home,” San laughed.

You pinched his nose. “For our cake, I don’t want to follow tradition. Let’s go cookies!”

“We got cookie dough flavored ice cream!” San got up as fast as you could even say his name (which is short...) and went into the little kitchen.


You were laughing your off as he probably lost blood circulation on his legs for sitting and laying down too long without moving. He got cookies out and the cookie dough ice cream. He lifted them up in the air and asked, “Cookie, cookies or me?”

“You, stupid!” you yelled.

“Ah, the ice cream might melt if I keep being distracted.” San laughed.


During his hiatus, he would hang out at your apartment which slowly became “ours”. Half of this space was filled with him. Polaroid all over the bedroom. His toothbrush, towels and beauty routine filled half of the bathroom cabinet. His clothes are in your closet, you made sure to take advantage of his clothes when you miss him the most.

Sure, you don’t see him most of the time. Sure, you don’t even get to video call him since you can’t trust anyone these days about secrets. If fans found out about you and San, his career will end, he’ll be forced to stay away from his best friends, and you’ll get death threats until the end of time.

He approaches you with cookies and the cookie dough ice cream that he can’t shut up about. His smile is so wide and so child-like. You can’t imagine how much stress that goes into his head right now.

“Are you okay?” you dragged yourself next to him as he stabbed the ice cream with a spoon.

He looked at you with a murderous look then shook his head vigorously to bring back his soft look. “I’m with you, how could I not be?”

You smiled but it slowly fainted. “I’m not sure if I’m helping your case.You’re an idol, and you’re risking everything for this? For me?”

His smile faded, but he wasn’t sad. He was serious. He held your hand. His hand was cold because of the ice cream, but you didn’t care. He was real. Your bias was in front of you. He chose you. He noticed you. He is risking everything for you.


“The moment I saw you in the mall, I just had to get your number,” he clasped your hand tightly. “Yes, I might get messages from other idols or actresses or whatever, but none of them make me as happy and as noticed and as whole and as important as you.” he bit his lower lip and avoided your eyes. “If you could only see how people view me… meat. Pure meat. A living doll… It’s disgusting.”


You cupped his face and automatically felt bad for making him cry. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I was just worried about you!” You hugged him tight and buried your face in his neck.

You felt his arms wrapping around your waist as he buried his head on your shoulders. “You’re worried about me. That means you think of me more than anything.” San hugged you tighter. “Thank you.”

“Okay, we’ll eat cookie dough ice cream.” you laughed through your tears. You are genuinely worried for him if things go down, but as of now, none of that is happening. He’s happy, and his happiness at the moment is what’s important.

He did a little dance before continuing to murder the frozen block of cookie dough ice cream. He hasn’t touched it in weeks because he hasn’t come around in days. You feel like the metal spoon is going to break if he keeps stabbing it.

“And you know what?” you said while cleaning his bangs away from his face.

He looked up from his murder scene and asked with the same child-like eyes again. “What?”

“I’ll marry you,” you laughed.

His grin reached from cheek to cheek as he fell on the floor flailing. He’s such a kid. “YOU’LL MARRY ME TOMORROW!”






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