coffee and golden retrievers

Golden Morning

     You stare into his deep eyes. He hasn’t blinked. Did he breathe? Was he still breathing?

     “What is this for?” you ask as you laugh. Your noses touch lightly. You broke eye contact for a moment because you giggled.

     “What?” he laughed back. He threatened you with his lips by just brushing his against yours but not close enough to kiss. Eskimo kiss. Hovering lips. Sitting across each other in your little apartment’s dining area. Early morning sunlight seeping through the curtains. The cold air of last night was gradually replaced by morning warmth.

     “Yunho…” you pouted at him. You leaned forward and barely caught him. He shook his head, leaned back and slumped down his seat. He was smiling. It looks like a taunt. You raised an eyebrow at him.


     “Why are you pulling away? We had fun last night!” You spat while continuing to pout. You imitated him slumping down on his seat. He laughed at you. “Damn, are you still mad?”

     He shrugged and looked away from you as if the curtains moving along with the wind were more entertaining. “You can’t be serious, Yunho. This is getting out of hand.” You kicked his foot, but he didn’t flinch. What even scares him anymore? He can look at a moth in the eye while his group mates cower in fear as if they met the devil.

     “Well, I don’t take lightly to being poisoned.” Yunho looked at his nails like the true diva that he is.


     You snorted. “I didn’t mean to put cream and sugar in your damn coffee!”

     “I wanted hot chocolate in the middle of the morning!”

     “Didn’t you smell the coffee in the air!?”

     “Coffee smells strong in general! How was I supposed to know?”

     “You said you’ll have anything! You don’t have any food you’d hate! Who are you!? You’re not my Yunho!”

     “Ha!” Yunho rose from his seat, “That’s right! That’s because he’s been replaced by a real golden retriever.”

     You look up at the gentle giant, “Then who am I talking to?”


     He picked you up bridal style from your seat as you shrieked. “Yunho!” you hit his chest lightly. Your arms are wrapped around his neck. Your face was close to his face. Nose brushing together again. You grabbed this opportunity to nudge your nose to his neck which tickles him.

     “Okay, fine! I will reveal the secret!” he laughed and struggled to stand up. He didn’t want to let you go. It was evident with his hands tightening to your sides.

     “Who are you?” you asked in a threatening voice, but you can’t keep your grin to yourself.

     “I am Yunho! The gold retriever double is in the Ateez dorm!” he laughed.

     You grabbed his whole face and kissed him right there. You both grinned in the kiss. You deepend it by sticking your tongue in. Yunho moaned. You pushed your face closer to his until you pulled back gradually, his head following yours. He giggled like the soft giant that he was. “Room,” you leaned your body towards the door which almost tipped him over.

     “Aye aye, captain!” he said surely as took steps towards the bedroom.

     “Oh,” you turned back to him again and laughed, “You want to play that today?” You saw his rosey cheeks turn more red than you’ve ever seen it.


     He gently set you up on the bed, and began kissing you softly. He gradually sat on edge on the bed with one hand to balance himself as he leaned over at you and the other gripping your whole face. Rough palm against your skin. His hot breath on your face. Soft kissing turned rough. Grabbed the hand on your face and squeezed it tight. Your hand wandered from his chest and travelled towards his -!?

     He quickly pulled away and you wondered why. He had raised eyebrows, looked away from a bit and bit on his thumb. “What?” you asked, concerned. Your hand on his back.

     “When did I take off my clothes?” he pointed to his white t-shirt and pajama pants on the door way. You laughed at his genuine concern. He tickled your sides and said, “This is a real problem! Come on.”

     “You know what would be nice right now?” you said through your laughter.

     “Helping me figure out why I’m stripped down to my boxers?” Yunho asked. His exposed chest and pale lap were enticing you to sit on him. So you did.

     You straddled on top of him and kissed his forehead. “I want to take a lot of photos together.” You say. “Of your runaway pajamas, your exposed forehead, and your betrayed face when I gave you coffee.” You cleaned his hair and made his forehead stay exposed.

     “Why?” Yunho asked while he wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer to him.

     “I'm going to make a scrapbook about us, and we need a lot more pictures for that... I just want to cherish our memories and keep them to look at when we're older.” 


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