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Hayoung switches the channels on the TV. "Yeah?"


Naeun enters the living room and stands in front of the TV. "Turn it off."


Hayoung does what her girlfriend tells her. "What's up?"


Naeun sighs and shrugs off her blazer, placing it on the other side of the couch. "I'm just so stressed. Work was hectic today. And I don't even want to hear any noise." She sits beside her girlfriend. "Sorry, though, since you wanna watch TV."


"No, it's okay," Hayoung says, wrapping an arm around Naeun. "I'd rather watch you, anyway."


The slender girl looks up at her, smiling. "You're sooo cheesy." "Isn't that why you liked me?" Hayoung raises an eyebrow, and Naeun laughs. "True, true."


Hayoung starts humming a melody, putting Naeun into a short trance, her fingers slipping through Hayoung's. They stay there for a few minutes, Naeun staring at Hayoung in wonder, the latter serenading her with little melodies.


Eventually, Naeun puts her finger on Hayoung's lips. "Shhh. I noticed something."


Hayoung raises an eyebrow. "That is?"


Naeun leans closer to Hayoung's face, looking at her lips. Hayoung swallows.


Hayoung and Naeun have been in a relationship for only three months, but never have they ever even kissed. Hayoung's been wanting to, but Naeun always seems stressed and busy, so she'd rather that her girlfriend get some rest.


But today...


"Are you wearing chapstick?"


Hayoung snaps out of her thoughts and looks at Naeun. "Chap...stick?" She asks dumbly.


Naeun touches Hayoung's lower lip with her thumb. She in a breath.


Naeun is always the pretty one. Everyone knows her as a former model, and of course, now as a writer for famous fashion magazine Hello High Street. Hayoung, meanwhile, is known as the famous PUBG YouTube streamer Habbang, so more people recognize her online than on the streets.


In their relationship, Hayoung has always settled with Naeun as the pretty one between them. And Naeun never really paid attention to that, since in her eyes, Hayoung is also very attractive.


But today, as she looks at her girlfriend's lips, Naeun can't help but see how stunning Hayoung is.

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