"Girls are you ready?" Mr Shin shouts up the stairs at the two girls who where getting ready for kindergarten. Emily had only been here one week, but Mr and Mrs Shin thought that Emily would be happier in kindergarten, rather than staying in the house all day. 

Mrs Shin passed the girls their bags as they came down the stairs. "Here is your bag Emily. It has your lunch and your new crayons in it, is their anything else you need?" Emily nodded and held out soohyun oppa bear. "Okay then, but you may not be aloud it. I will talk to your teacher to see if it's okay." 

It wasn't long before they arrived at kindergarten. Emily felt uncomfortable around the other children, her heart raced. Mrs Shin went to talk to the teacher in her office. She had to tell her of Emily's condition and plead to let Emily keep her bear. 

"Emily I will be going now. Be a good girl. Hana you look after her okay?" 

"I will Mummy. I won't let anyone hurt my new little sister." 

"Good girl. Oh and Emily you can keep the bear with you."

She kissed both of their heads before getting into the car to go to work. 

"Who are you?" Emily turns to find a little boy standing in front of her, making her jump.

"This is my new little sister from England. She's called Emily." 

"She can't be your little sister if she isn't Korean dummy."

"She can too Bae. She was adopted by my Mummy and Daddy. They said that she's my sister now." 

"LIAR!!" Bae shouts as he pushes Hana down. Just as he did it the teacher came into the room, seeing what had happened. 

"Why did you push Emily down Bae? It was not a very nice thing to do. Apologize."

"No she lied. She said Emily is her sister." 

" She is Bae. When a adult adopts a child that means the child becomes theirs. Emily even had her name changed to 'Shin' the same as Hana. Now apologize." 

"I'm sorry for pushing you over Hana. I was wrong." 

"That is okay Bae." 

The rest of the day went rather quietly. No one else bothered Emily after the incident so, she was left alone to study, just the way she liked it. The lesson where quite a bit harder than the ones she had in England, but she sailed through them. All of the children where playing whilst they waited for their guardians to pick them up.  The teacher walked around the room picking up all of the children's work. When she came across the place where Emily had been sitting she stops dead in her track. The teacher was astonished. Mrs Shin had told her about her past. She knew Emily had only been learning Korean for a little over a month. Was it possible for her to understand the lessons? But then how? How could this be Emily's work. The neat Korean symbols answering all of the questions. They can't be right. She takes out her answer book and sure enough Emily's answers match perfectly.

"Are my sisters ready to be picked up Miss?" Soohyun was standing at the door looking at the stunned teacher. Soohyun was in his first year of  Middle school. Which was attached to the kindergarten and elementary schools. He usually brought and picked up Hana from school because of his parents work. 

"Oppa!" Hana shouts jumping into his arms. 

"Annyeong Hana. Where is your sister?" 

"There." Hana pointed to Emily, who was sitting under a tree, coloring in a page of a coloring book she had found. 

"Annyeong Emily. It's time to go home now. I'll buy you both ice cream on the way back."

"Really Oppa?" 


Once they had got their ice creams they went to the park, Hana went straight to play in the sand pit. Emily sat next to Soohyun on the park bench slowly her ice cream.

"How was your first day?" Emily didn't reply she just looked up into Soohyuns eyes almost as if she was trying to plant the answer into his mind. "Did you learn anything fun?" Emily really wanted to tell him what she had learned. No she must not. She can't talk. She must not talk. Bad things will happen if she talked.  No. Best to stay quiet. 

Just wanted to show you these. Cute right? I stumbled across them when I was trying to find a picture of the moon. I think maybe Google is broken. :P Ahh Willywonker please hurry up with that television thing. I would love to be able to reach in and grab one of them. Hmm... I would like to reach in and grab on of these more tbh.....

nom nom nom beats ice cream any day.

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