Very Punny


A blind date the DJ thought he didn't want turns into an unexpected date he always wanted.



Story written for BaeconAndEggs Fest 2021. 

BAE2021 Prompt0316: Chanyeol went on a blind date with a random person set by his parents / friends. He was telling the date some corny jokes to drive them away. As expected, the date was not amused. But the cutie at the table next to them (Baekhyun) laughed quietly at all of Chanyeol’s jokes.


A/N: None of the jokes in this story are my own,  but I researched very thoroughly and did my best to fit the ones I groaned at the most into what I was writing.

I wanted to keep this short and sweet, but after finishing the Part One (Chanyeol’s POV) I couldn’t help wondering about what Baekhyun might have been thinking through all this. Part Two seemed to be begging me to write it, so I caved and here we are.

I hope that the prompter enjoyed my attempts and the final outcome to their cute idea.  Thank you to them and also to the BAE mods for allowing me to have this opportunity to write for my favorite ship.  I had a really good time! 


Also,  I wanted to post a cover with this story but so far I haven't found the right pictures to create an edit that fits.. And I can't draw faces to save my life so I don't have any cover.  (pouts)  Oh well. 🤷

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