The no-name dancer


Taeyong is the captain of the dance club; who is openly gay. His kindness (and low-key his looks) is pretty much loved by the entire campus. His passion has always been dancing and he often watches videos on YouTube; watching underground contests a lot. The one time he finally decided to watch a live show, he's impressed by a no-name dancer who goes against a popular candidate - and actually wins.

Taeyong then comes by every night just for a chance to see them again. One day during club hours, that's when he meets Lucas; stone cold and rude to everyone who applies to be part of the club.


Taeyong falls in love with the no-name dancer and looks for them.

The no-name dancer is actually his enemy who just so happens to be in the same club as him.

This story is written for and requested by lucidwastaken :)

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