To Our Worlds


Dear Miss Mihyun Yoo,

Congratulations! You have been chosen to take part in the alternate-reality game MultiExperience developed by Insomnia Games. This is an honor bestowed to few, and we hope you will enjoy the experience.


To Mihyun, Jaehyun is NCT, a world-famous celebrity, but to Jaehyun, they're just normal university students. Together, they must struggle through five fantastical worlds in order to win the game and return to their normal lives.


- inspired by 'infinite flow' chinese webnovels and a dream i had a while back

- ot23 will all make an appearance

- tags and ratings are susceptible to change but i think it will be mostly PG

- nothing will be beta-ed because i like that LOL

- updates will be spontaenous and few-and-far-between


will be crossposted on ao3

the best way i can explain it is... sword art online (i'm sorry that's really the best i can do)


if you like my writing pls consider buying me a kofi!

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